The good deeds exchanged for eight hundred years, the son of Fu Fu, the mystery is here.

do good In the exchange of eight hundred years of sons and daughters, the mystery is here.

The dynasties, descendants It is not easy to stretch for three generations. Like Fan Wenzheng, the children and grandchildren spread throughout the land of China, and the family stretched for eight hundred years without falling. Only Confucius could compare them.

Fan Zhongyan was born in a very cold place, and lived in a temple to study. The story of “broken porridge” came at that time. By chance, Fan Zhongyan found a pile of gold in the rat cave of the monastery. At that time, no one was present, and the family was extremely poor. Fan Zhongyan did not move a minute. He covered the slate and re-buried it until he became famous in the future. This secret is still hidden in his heart.

A few decades later, when Fan Zhongyan’s study of the Quanquan Temple was burned down in a fire, the elders of the monastery sent people to ask for help. Fan Zhongyan wrote a note with the words: Jingdong Kiln Jin, Jingxi, a kiln silver, half of the temple, half of the gift.

So, the temple restored the old view, and this thing that has been put on Fan Zhongyan’s heart for decades has also disappeared.

Fan has a famous Feng Shui treasure in Suzhou. At that time, Mr. Feng Shui said to Fan Zhongyan, “The descendants will be the public!” Fan Zhongyan thought, since the feng shui in this place can make future generations expensive, it is better to change to school. Let the children of the people of Suzhou City enroll in school. In the future, the children of all the people can be more noble, and it is not more beneficial than their own family. So they immediately built the school.

Since the millennium, there have been nearly 400 scholars and more than 80 champions. Now it is the campus of a high school. It really makes the descendants of the children happy.

 In the exchange of good and good for eight hundred years, the mystery is here.

Fan Zhongyan’s biography also said Fan Zhongyan’s life has raised more than 300 people with his own. Even if Fan Zhongyan is a prime minister, one person can support three hundred family members, and he can only live a life. Fan Zhongyan will be born in a few decades. When he is old, even the funeral expenses are not enough because his money is given to others. .

The Fan family has been in the early years of the Republic of China, and it has lasted for a long time, and the descendants of all ages can follow the ancestral training left by Fan Zhongyan, be kind and knowledgeable, and often practice giving, and the family style is not bad for eight hundred years. It is not only because of Fan Zhongyan’s meritorious deeds in the world, but also the seed of good cause, but also the bodhisattva of his life without my life.

“The world is full of worries and worries, and the world is happy and happy”, this is a kind of willingness to truly, and I really want to accumulate yin for myself and even my children. It is necessary to learn Fan Zhongyan. First of all, we must make a wish. The greater the willingness is, the greater the strength will be. Then, under this broad will, we will work hard to help all sentient beings without asking for a return. We will not care about whether the other party knows or not, and have no purpose or utilitarianism.

Under this way, this yin will accumulate a long and deep, not only to keep itself away from disasters, to prolong life, increase wealth, but also to benefit future generations, and Fuze is endless.

It is the thick yin that Fan Zhongyan has accumulated under the will and the heart, and it will be able to protect the eight hundred years, so that the Fan family will continue.

Sima Guang once said, “The accumulation of gold in the descendants of the descendants, the children may not be able to keep. The book is in the sons and grandsons, the children may not be able to read. It is better to be in the midst of the yin, thinking that the children and grandchildren have a long-term plan.

The good deeds are exchanged for the eight hundred years of the sons and grandsons, the mystery is here.

Cultivate The virtue of the world, that is, there are hundred children and grandchildren.

Fan Wenzheng Gong and Bumen are very close, and often have many contacts with many high-ranking virtues. They also have deep research on the concept of Buddhism, so they can often apply for the benefit of all beings. Facts have proved that none of the people who have served as officials with Fan Zhongyan have been as long as the Fan Wenzheng family for eight hundred years.

It’s all because Fan Wenzheng’s public morals are good for the good, and the interests of all beings can be a good fortune, and it will last for eight hundred years.