The guardian's view of the US medium-term: the blue wave wanted | Author Opinion

T.the mid-term elections in the United States are always important. However, the Tuesday elections affect in a way that few intermediate competitions can match. Yes, more than one election will be needed to redress the disastrous and angry political mood that has just seen in the last two weeks a fierce supporter of Donald Trump to send bombs to several Democrats and a white defender is committing the most outrageous act of anti-Semitic violence in the history of the country. Man in the White House is not the only thing to change. But the journey must begin somewhere. You just have to imagine how hard it would be otherwise to travel to understand the extraordinary responsibility borne by US voters on Tuesday.

Donald Trump is not the only reason why US politics has become so toxic, because Americans' belief in their institutions has been shaken, or the US influence for the sake of the world has declined so much. In many ways, Mr Trump was a product of already existing toxicity, shaky faith and declining prestige. But it has swirled this reduction deliberately, as a matter of conscious policy. He consistently seeks to be president of some of the United States, not of the country as a whole. Against those who do not support or agree with him, he only spreads hatred and contempt. It lags and provokes as a strategy. He is an unprecedented president, and although in the US democracy is strong, he is not indestructible.

Take the issue of voting rights. It is often assumed that the US Constitution incorporates a federal right to vote. Is not. The vote is governed by the states. Most states are in democratic hands, and the areas that will send Congress members to Washington this week have often been ridiculed. In many states, including North Carolina and Wisconsin, the Republicans imposed restrictions on timely voting, postal voting and voter recognition, to prevent black Americans from voting. In Georgia, the officials tried to close seven of the nine polling stations in a mainly black area on the pretext that access for the disabled was inadequate.

The American Constitution is celebrated for its checks and balances. However, partisan is now so trapped and unstable that the institutions themselves are beginning to crack. The White House is in the hands of a punitive racist executive who, in addition to all his political failures, refuses to release his tax declarations, dissolves the distinction between official and personal interests, blends in investigations into which no business has, and who displaced thousands of US troops for a purely meticulous speech. Meanwhile, since Brett Kavanaugh's affirmation, the Supreme Court is now more stable than ever before under the auspicious control, opening almost the assurance of an attempt to overthrow US abortion rights.

Therefore, there is a strong constitutional case, as well as a strong policy, for the recovery of the legislative branch from the dishonest and slanderous right Republican leadership. Democratic scrutiny of the House of Representatives would limit Mr Trump by exploring issues that were ignored without shame by the current leadership of this House. The democratic control of the Senate will, for a long time, cut its wings even further. The democratic failure this week, on the other hand, would – and should be considered – the electoral support of Mr Trump.

This is a central election for Americans, for American democracy and for the rest of the world. However, it comes to a time of dignified US economic development and high employment when Republicans are activated and Democrats are split for their future course. It is not very guaranteed, in the light of 2016, that democratic enthusiasm and money will turn into the blue wave we want. But there is no longer any important political duty anywhere in the world today than to grasp at this time.