The Monaco Yacht Show presents its largest fleet for 2019

(CNN) – Ever wanted to see what more than $ 4,000,000,000 looks like when sailing in the water? The brilliant European principality of Monaco is about to happen.

It's not dumping real dollar bills at sea, but instead assembling $ 4.29 billion of real estate in one of the richest demonstrations of superyachts ever assembled in one place.

Now in its 29th year, the Monaco Yacht Show is the brightest event on the calendar. During the four days, Hercules Port, the only deep-sea port in the tiny country of France's Mediterranean coast, will welcome 125 stores.

Launching on September 25, the show attracts the crème de la crème of the international luxury yacht industry, bringing together prospective buyers, ultra-modern builders and designers, brokers and suppliers.

Recording fleet

monaco yacht presents general images

The annual Monaco Yacht Show presents some of the world's most impressive superstructures, with an average length of 50 meters.


This year seems to be the most impressive to date, with 44 new yachts making their debut with some of the biggest boats ever exhibited at the event.

According to Johan Pizzardini, director of communications and media, the total value of the overcap at the port will amount to about € 3.9 billion ($ 4.29 billion), with facilities ranging from heliports to luxury beach clubs and spa.

"In terms of gross tonnage, it's the most massive superyachts fleet we've ever had in Monaco," says CNN Travel. "The average is about 800[totalcapacityAnaveragebidpriceof378millioneuros(415milliondollars)"[grosstonnageTheaverageaskingpriceof378millioneuros(5million)"[ολικήχωρητικότηταΗμέσηζητούμενητιμήτων378εκατομμυρίωνευρώ(415εκατομμύριαδολάρια)”[grosstonnageTheaverageaskingpriceof378millioneuros(5million)”

The show, which took place at the end of the Mediterranean charter season and the start of the Caribbean time series, attracts about 30,000 visitors a year, including Prince Albert II of Monaco.

"The only aspect of the Monaco Yacht Show is that it is built entirely around department stores [yachts measuring longer than 24 meters], "says Rumble Romagnoli, CEO of Relevance, a luxury digital marketing company specializing in Monaco yacht marketing.

"It is also the only show where you can meet and learn about the entire supply chain of the overclocking industry, including suppliers of the latest appliances, toys, electronics and equipment, as well as interior designers, crew and even offers."

Some department stores are super cool than others. The one, measuring 111 meters – and likely to get the focus – has no less than two helicopter pads on board.

Built by the German Lürssen shipyard and designed by the British studio Winch Design, it is the largest boat ever to be shown at the Monaco Yacht Show.

The stunning 80-meter version, also from Winch Design, is another top draw, featuring a pool and platform, as well as a hot tub and beach club.

Unique designs

This yacht

Measuring 111 meters, Tis is the largest state-of-the-art event ever presented at the annual event.

Klaus Jordan

"As a showcase for the latest and best water superconductors, nothing compares to Monaco," says Stewart Campbell, author of Boat International.

"This is a real world-class explorer with Versailles indoors.

Excellence, another German-made yacht, is of exceptional style, with masses of glass and a bow. There's nothing like it in the water. "

Campbell points out that the changing face of superyacht design is proud to showcase this very modern fleet.

"The days of all the big boats looking for the same thing have been lost for a long time," he adds. "The owners really take out all the styling stops and cause yards and designers to find boats that are truly unique."

When the Monaco Yacht Show started about three decades ago, there were about 30 boats in the harbor, the largest measuring about 50 meters.

However, this has evolved significantly with the boom of the overcoat industry.

The organizers work hard to ensure that the fleet is new and different every year, setting out a selection procedure whereby brokers are allowed to expose a vessel for a maximum of two consecutive years, while a shipyard can display only the preparations delivered. the last two years.

Glowing backdrop

monaco yacht presents general images

The annual Monaco Yacht Show presents some of the most impressive superstars in the world.


"If you miss a Monaco Yacht Show and come next year, you won't see the same fleet," Pizzardini says.

"You have to go to one of the concerts in Turkey, Germany or the United Kingdom to see those exhibited in Monaco last year."

It seeks to attract both current owners and charterers as well as prospective customers who do not necessarily know much about the boat but wish to enter the scene.

Although the unique fleet is undoubtedly the main attraction here, guests are also treated to a glowing gala opening, along with numerous gatherings aboard the superyachts.

In addition, MYS has an excellent "Sapphire Experience" service that provides concierge services to potential shippers or buyers.

The exclusive service cannot be purchased – those who receive it are specifically selected in preparation of the event, with people considered more likely to purchase or pay the fees in priority.

With its luminous casinos and top restaurants, Monaco offers the perfect setting for this renowned annual gathering.

"The Monaco Yacht Show is not just a boat," Pizzardini explains. "It's a social elite appointment.

"With super service, they can discuss business with their peers. Being together with all the glitterati in the light of Monte Carlo at night is a great way to connect. "