The most affordable urban breaks in Europe for 2019

(CNN) – What are your priorities when planning a European city package? Good food? Culture in abundance? Interesting story?

It's probably not, you'll also give priority to the price when you think about where to launch for a weekend escape.

The United Kingdom post office has published the city's annual city barometer, comparing what visitors who pay in sterling pounds will go out for a weekend enjoying everything that every European city has to offer – from the cost of a cup of coffee to the city entrance fee two-night galleries on three-star accommodation for two adults.

The Lithuanian capital is also known for its picturesque medieval old town, baroque architecture, the art of the Islamic street and varied history.

Post Office reports that in Lithuania you can travel to and from the city airport for just £ 1.75 ($ 2.28) and two overnight stays in a three star hotel for two adults will return just £ 70 ($ 91). The total cost, TT Hellenic Post reports, is £ 147.35 ($ 191.85).

At the other end of the spectrum, Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is the most expensive city in Europe.

This will not surprise anyone who has visited. Iceland is known to be expensive – in total, you will spend about £ 462.61 ($ 602.33) for a weekend on the ice and snow.

By comparing the costs


Belgrade, Serbia is the number 2 on the list.

Pixabay / Creative Commons

Other budget options are Belgrade, Serbia – where Soviet architecture is next to the Art Nouveau buildings, and a bottle of local beer will cost you just £ 1.89 ($ 2.46).

Eastern Europe is one of the cheapest regions in Europe, according to the barometer – a trip to Warsaw in Poland, the number three on the list, will cost £ 160,35, while Bucharest in Romania, £ 167,74.

Bratislavia in Slovakia, Moscow in Russia and Prague in the Czech Republic are rounding the top 10, while Budapest in Hungary is amused by number 11.
If after a little sun and sea, Porto, in Portugal, is the number six and the capital of the country, Lisbon, is number 14.
The cities of Eastern Europe - including Moscow, Russia - account for most of the top 10.

The cities of Eastern Europe – including Moscow, Russia – account for most of the top 10.


The barometer also lets you know the entrance prices for the city's top tourist attraction, the top museum and top art galleries.

Dining costs in Greece are the lowest in Europe for the second consecutive year, so you can choose the juicy platter and leave enough for a glass of local wine without banging your budget.

The Douro River, overlooking Porto Luis I Bridge. Porto is the sixth cheapest destination for European cities.

Paul Ames / CNN

Interestingly, prices have fallen relative to last year. Expenditure in Venice, Italy – which continues to lead the problem of overfishing – fell more than 23% in the last 12 months.

It is now at number 35 on the list.

"Canny travelers can save hundreds of pounds, comparing the cost of staying and choosing a city where hotel prices are low and where meals, drinks and sightseeing are also cheap," says Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money. "This is true of most of the cities of Eastern Europe, but also of Porto, Athens and Lisbon."

Brown also advises travelers departing from and to Britain to closely monitor exchange rate fluctuations as Britain prepares to leave the European Union by the end of March.

Top 10

Are you ready for scheduling? Here are the 10 cheaper cities for a weekend break, according to the mail *

1. Vilnius, Lithuania – £ 147.35 ($ 191.92)

2. Belgrade, Serbia – $ 151.57 ($ 197.41)

3. Warsaw, Poland – $ 160.35 ($ 208.85)

4. Istanbul, Turkey – £ 166.83 ($ 217.29)

5. Bucharest, Romania – $ 167.74 ($ 218.47)

6. Porto, Portugal – $ 172.60 ($ 224.80)

7. Riga, Latvia – £ 178,60 ($ 232,62)

8. Bratislava, Slovakia – £ 182.02 ($ 237.07)

9. Moscow, Russia – £ 186.87 ($ 243.39)

10. Prague, Czech Republic – 190.19 pounds ($ 247.71)

* The expense for the Barometer of the Post Office refers to pound sterling. CNN Travel has been translated into US dollars, so they will change and should be taken as a general guide.