The mystery behind decision making

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The mystery behind the decision

01.Easy choice

There was a problem that was very confusing for me. It has been entangled me for a few days. Before I say my question, let’s see if you have been or are facing these problems now:

When you meet a stranger, how do you judge whether he is a bad person or not?

There is a plate of fruit on the table. The fruit types are pears, bananas, apples, oranges, and peaches. Then there is a reminder on the table that the order of eating fruits can only be apples, bananas, oranges, I am confused about peaches and pears. How do you judge that the first fruit you took in your hand is an apple?

Once you have a birthday, Dad promised to give you a birthday present. There is no limit to this birthday gift, but the price can’t exceed 10,000. Then you finally choose to let Dad send you. What is a birthday present?

It’s time for the Spring Festival holiday. You decide to go out for a trip. At this time, you have to face a choice. Which kind of transportation is chosen, high-speed rail, train, plane, bus, bicycle, which one last? Become your choice?

There is a premise that you are not married yet, nor have a girlfriend or boyfriend. You are rich and have excellent conditions. The family does not interfere with your marriage mate. Now if you have One chance is that you can choose your object and the criteria you choose can be established and implemented. What are your most likely selection criteria?

02.Selection puzzles I have encountered

The mystery behind the decision

Okay, say so many questions, you must be very curious about me Why do you ask so many questions at the beginning of the article? Actually, I am like you. I have encountered the same situation and are making choices. However, my choices are not easy to give answers, but I have been suffering for a while. Until now, I realized why I could not give an answer at the time. The problem I encountered was this:

I have participated in some trainings under the influence of some friends and advertisements. These trainings are for people who can make quick progress and surpass others’ conversation skills. And this training is fundamentally different from the successful learning rumored by the outside world.

Speaking of this, you have to popularize the concept that in some training courses or classes, it is often taught how to succeed in a short time, but few people are trained to succeed. You will actually find that it is untenable. It will only give you a lot of excitement when you listen. Once you leave the environment or the magnetic field returns to real life, you can’t use it at all. .

The one I learned before is essentially different from the successful one. I can learn it, and after it has been proved by others, the outside world and the market recognize effective courses, so I am It creates a great sense of trust.

However, after a while, as I changed my work and connections, I had access to some well-known successful people who are now very powerful, and also came into contact with some of their ideas and methods. The way of thinking, and some of the thinking methods and methods of these successful people are very different from the courses I have trained before, and some are even opposite, then the problem is coming, who should I believe this time, I should How to make a judgment? If it is you, how would you choose?

03.Tough choices

There are still problems like this in reality. Some, for example, when going to school, there are often multiple-choice questions in the test papers. At this time, some of the multiple-choice questions you have never done or practiced have never been seen before, but at this time you still have to make a choice, then you still have Remember how you made this choice?

For example, you are a man, you love your family very much. Once you walked by the lake, your wife and your mother fell into the park at the same time. The position is the same. The risk factor is the same, and you happen to swim. How do you choose this time? Who do you choose to save first?

Of course, there are many things in life that are often to be chosen. No matter what choices you can make or how difficult it is to judge the answers given, there is a strong logic and reason behind this decision-making process, and these reasons help me explain the phenomenon that I will not make decisions. At the same time, it also gave me the support point of decision-making.

04.The reason behind the decision

Next, let’s talk to you about what people are relying on when making decisions. What is the reason behind the support, if you understand this, when you meet the problems mentioned above, you will have something. If you are a business person, you will understand what it is. The ultimate cause affects your users not choosing your product.

The first reason, people make choices are a process that is accompanied by reason and sensibility.

Have you seen or experienced this phenomenon? When you went shopping, you didn’t plan to spend it, but when you finally came home, you found that you bought the goods in your hand. . Another thing is that once you planned to do something, but in the end, you bought more than just some of the things you didn’t have in your original plan.

This is because you are emotional when you choose to buy this product, it is very impulsive, and that moment you want to buy it, if you use a very good and popular word, That is your sixth sense prompted you to buy, for example, your girlfriend or a friend’s sentence is also the driving force for your consumption, but you do not know why you want to buy, is a perceptual behavior.

But you find that this process actually has a rational process in it, that is, you will also bargain with the boss, you will also compare, price analysis, judgment and so on.

In fact, this reason has been proved and proposed very early. The discussion of Ales and Edwards is an explanation for this: people are bounded rational, because it is highly uncertain and extremely complicated. In the real decision-making environment, people’s knowledge, imagination and computing power are limited.

When human reason is limited, the role of sensibility is revealed. People always make decisions when both sensibility and rationality are carried out. For example, when you want to calculate what affects your consumption situation, you may come up with an idea that is to spend money to make yourself happy. And enjoy, why should every pen be clear. This is where rationality and sensibility are going on at the same time.

The second reason is that people make many decisions and choices based on values.

How do you understand this sentence? For example, as we have mentioned before, how do you judge him to be a bad person after you meet a stranger? In fact, this time you are the choice of doing this comparison, your brain will show that the bad guys may have tattoos, because people with tattoos love to fight, crime and drug abuse, then your values ​​are that people with tattoos are bad people. This is your value. The simple point is the concept of right and wrong in your head. There are many values ​​that we usually say, not just this one. For example, in general, a person is a high-level animal who loves happiness and stays away from pain, so it is not good to make you suffer.

There is actually an external manifestation of human values ​​behind the many actions and decisions people make. Why we choose this instead of others depends on the values ​​in each person’s brain. Therefore, in order to understand and influence a person, as long as he knows his values, he can understand his heart well, and often the external performance of one’s values ​​will be manifested through behaviors like decision-making.

The third reason, people make choices based on memories or experiences stored in the brain.

For example, before my example, I don’t have any memory for the training courses and successful people who gave me the information to judge the standard, so when I met this, it was a dilemma. No decision will be made, let alone the right decision. Again, the example of our exams, because there is no such neuroreflex in our brains, so when we encounter a multiple-choice question that we don’t do, it is often ridiculous because we don’t know how to do it.

The last reason is that people make choices and decisions that come from their own needs and the psychology of reducing risk.

For example, to buy a birthday present, in fact, when we give our father an answer, we have been compared and calculated by the brain, we will think if we buy a gift at the same time You will lose the possibility of another gift, so you will get the best plan or gift.

Similarly, the choice of going out to travel your transportation is based on this logic. If you choose the plane, you think you have to bear a higher cost. In other words, you Will lose a lot of money. In general, people will consider several other ways to avoid this economic loss. Of course, there is one case except that you are very rich. At this time you may care about the loss of time cost, which may be your real demand point.

So, the premise that we have to make strategies to influence others’ decision-making behavior is that you need to know that when people make decisions, they will consider avoiding risks, so you have to think differently, if you are This user, what risks do you face, and then go back and develop a strategy will be profitable.

05.Good decision making

I know so many reasons, then how do we make decisions? Is it reasonable or correct? In fact, there is no definite answer. Because everything is in dynamic change, and right and wrong are relative.

Why do you say this? You can think about it. When you don’t have money, you won’t give priority to airplane travel, so your best choice is other kinds of transportation, but when you have a day When money is not your biggest obstacle, this best solution may change.

So, how we can make the right decisions depends on the circumstances, the specific conditions and the applicable objects and characteristics, and so on. When these are clearly analyzed, it is the best decision to combine their own values ​​orientation (of course, positive positive values) and demand points to make appropriate choices.