The mystery of mental growth

The so-called intrinsic mode, natural state, psychological mechanism, deep desire and fear at the personality level, the more professional terminology in psychology is subconsciousness, called “fake me”, “heart demon” or “in the spiritual practice”. It is not a child, but Buddhism uses a causality to summarize all the cycles of the world.

The character formation of human beings has innate elements, and it has acquired influences. It does not matter whether it is good or bad. People who do not change by learning are easily driven by their own subconscious minds and do not know themselves. For example, why a person has a bad temper, why is he angry? I don’t know myself. A person is weak. Why do you always avoid things when you encounter things?

A person likes or hates another person. In fact, what he likes or hates is not someone else, but the standard in his heart. In other words, what you like or hate is not because of the good or bad of others, but because your inner “projection” makes you have different criticisms. You have your criticism, and the external people and the world are not guilty. The fault is not someone else, but the standard in your heart, so how many judges you have means that you still need to change and grow through learning and cultivation.

In traditional Chinese studies, there are many discourses on human cultivation. Everyone agrees that if one wants wisdom to be transparent, it is necessary to understand and change oneself in order to truly understand others. Really have the ability to live in harmony with the world.

Mr. Wang Yangming believes that this is self-sufficient and not seeking. In one sentence, the secret of cultivation is broken. One person, if you are willing to learn to change and remove the demons and masks, and to show the true self, then there is no one in the world. At the beginning of the human race, the nature is good, the sex is similar, and the habit is far. The teachings in the three-character scriptures are so profound that they fully demonstrate the importance of cultivation.

Regardless of your innate conditions, as long as you are able to study and practice seriously, you will not fall into the abyss of fate in the future. The mind is clear, the wisdom is full, the soul is transparent, and the secret of all mental growth comes from your observation and awareness of your own heart, you can’t see your own people, you can never see the outer world.

People’s growth and progress certainly requires a certain chance, but the most important thing is that you should have a heart that is sincere and willing to learn. Buddhism is about Huigen. I think, you are inside. The deep desire to look forward to the good wishes, this is probably the so-called Huigen.
The mystery of mental growth