The mystery of the number of life

Pythagoras divides the numbers into 1-9 energies, and each number,

, shoulders her mission and responsibility (the reason why she uses “her” because I think The numbers are temperature)

But these numbers appear in our daily lives and appear in the birthday

She reveals your personal life information.

Our name can be changed, our appearance can also be cosmetic,

but the date number on the day of your birth cannot be rewritten

on birthday Numbers, like genetic codes, follow you, record you, mark you

Through this set of numbers to see the truth of everything, can help us better understand ourselves

Learn about ourselves Real needs, better understanding of themselves, and not very complicated.

 The mystery of the number of lives

Before you start to analyze the 1-9 digital energy,

Any number has imperfections, both positive and negative.

Singular and even, good and bad, big and small, long and short, one with the public, dark and bright, are relative concepts.

The world is inherently contradictory, and the numbers are the same.

As a white number of vital number passwords, it is important to be familiar with the meaning of each number.

Understanding the basic meaning of 1-9 numbers is the basis of various operations.

0 seems to be optional, but it is very special and has profound meaning.

Be prepared, we begin to understand the basic meaning of the 1-9 numbers.

In my article list, you can find articles about numbers,

one word and one word on the computer screen, share with you,

I hope that everyone will discuss it together and get better and better.