The Next Genome Contact Headphones that save your hearing and music … with an agreement that saves you 25%

If you have ever left a rock mammoth concert with blows in your ears, we have some bad news. The ear ring and silent hearing are a sign that high decibel noise has permanently damaged your inner ear. The condition known as tinnitus can be alleviated, but hearing damage is cumulative, so the next time your ear suffers from this type of trauma, hearing loss may be slower to recover – or never recover at all.

Foamed foam is a way to protect your hearing, but it's like sticking a cork to your ear. It will block everything, including music. Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs are designed to hit this sweet spot between hearing protection and enjoyment – and are currently being sold for a 25% discount, just $ 19.99, by TNW Deals.

Jack Mann was a huge music fan, but after suffering a break in the drum, he realized that the African-American slices destroyed the live music experience. It has created Vibes, a reusable earplug, which eliminates high and low frequency sound levels, offering a healthy balance that protects sensitive hearing without sacrificing music fidelity.

Vibes maintain the clarity of music, just at levels about 20 decibels lower than unfiltered sound. And with anything more than 85 decibels that can cause irreversible damage after prolonged exposure, these 20 decibels could legitimately be the difference in hearing loss.

After a basic appearance in "Tank Shark," Vibes are not just blowing up among the musicians and concert fans, but they find supporters in all sorts of unexpected places. If you or someone you know works in a dynamic environment, such as an airport or a factory, Vibes could be the ear that did not realize you need it.

It is normally priced at $ 26.99, try Vibes now with $ 7 off, only $ 19.99, and this bid lasts.

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