The secret of life is worth a look, a lot of mysteries

23 minutes and 15 seconds to focus our attention!

When I go to school, the teacher likes to let the students study in groups. After work, the company likes to arrange for employees to keep brainstorming. You don’t know that you need to keep the same pace with the least efficient person in the group. Also bear the hidden costs of distraction. Research from the University of California shows that when it is in a complicated environment, after being distracted by external factors, people spend an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus, which is why introverted, like in a quiet low-key environment The reason why people who are alone are more efficient in learning efficiency.

Maintaining a best friendship will cost you 209,206 yuan!

Friendship is of course priceless, but it is undeniable that the value of money is indeed an obvious measure. A British study found that the cost of maintaining a close friendship is not low at all. Partners spend the holidays, gifts on birthdays, save the material costs they pay in times of distress, travel together, eat, shop, party all kinds of expenses… If you have maintained a deep friendship for 40 years The time limit, people will spend an average of 23,870 pounds (equivalent to 209,206 yuan). Don’t ask me how this number is calculated. You just need to know that this is a big number, so cherish your long-time partner, he is still very valuable.

The fat man is fat: the fat man’s brain is 10 years older than the thin man!

This is an era of being malicious to fat people. Even if it is fair, open scientific research is going further and further on the road to fat people! No, a new study from the UK shows that obesity accelerates a person’s brain aging rate. They detected 527 individuals from 20 to 87 years old and found that the fat brain is shrinking much faster than the thin brain. The connective organization that controls communication is 10 years older than the thin one! Can you still give the fat man a living?