The Trump Campaign Airplane and more about Boeing's favorite 757

John Cox, Specialist in the US TODAY

Published at 3:00 pm ET 4 November 2018

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Question: It seems that Donald Trump has 24 carats gold in the fins of his 757 aircraft staff. Do these have positive or negative effects on performance?

– Howard Forward, Westminster, California

Answer: I think the 24 carat gold would be too soft to be at an entrance. The review of 757 photos, the input and engine manufacturer's logo appears to be polished aluminum. The inputs are certified for the engine (Rolls-Royce RB-211), because they are heated to avoid the taste of entry and are aluminum.

Q: What are the business concerns or issues about the B757-200, if any?

– Paul

ONE: The B757-200 is a high performance aircraft. It works well at high altitude airports and is one of Boeing's best performance. Because of the high thrust engines, it burns more fuel than other single-run airplanes. Functionally, the pilots love the plane.

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Q: How dangerous is the bomber of 757?

– John Abel

ONE: A 757 bomber can be very powerful. Wing design results in more heavy rainfall than other planes of the same weight. Many 757 now have fins, which somewhat reduces the strength of precipitation. The pilots who follow the 757 must stay several miles behind it to remain free from the whirlpools. They can be very dangerous for smaller planes.

Q: Is the Boeing 757 the only narrow-body aircraft that allows a jetway to use a 2-L door? Which loose bodies (if any) also use 2-L for boarding?

– Bob Immel, Springfield, Illinois

ONE: The B757 often uses a 2-L door for boarding. This helps speed up the boarding process as passengers can stack their luggage in front and back cabins at the same time. The length of the B757 spindle made the 2-L door in front of the wing loud. While some other airplanes, such as the A321, have 2-L in front of the wing, they are not usually used for boarding due to cabin configuration. Several large-span aircraft, including B767, B777 and B747, use 2-L for boarding.

Q: Is it possible for Boeing to be able to bring the 757 back into production without having to design a new airplane? So many airlines seem to want 757 now.

– Dave, Foxboro, Massachusetts

ONE: I doubt. The 757 first flew in February 1982. Improvements in aerodynamics, flight controls and computer technology have since required a new design.

John Cox is a retired airline captain with US Airways and manages his own Operating Operating Systems Advisory.

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