The US NetApp Data Management Company to recruit more talent from India

LAS VEGAS: NetApp based in the United States watches large sizes in Asia, especially in India, and will hire more people from the country, senior management of the data management company said.

The proposed hiring will take place at Bangalore's global center of excellence, where about 2,000 people are currently employed, they said.

"Bangalore is the largest engineering center in India last year, we launched a large campus there to offer the opportunity to move from being a mechanical center to a world center of excellence and transfer more people to Bangalore in the coming years, NetApp Chief Executive George Kourian said.

He said that Asia continues to offer development opportunities for it.

"There are many other companies with which we can work to expand our footprint (in Asia). We are sure to see the Asia-Pacific region grow as a percentage of NetApp's total activity in the years to come," said Kurian.

He said geographically, NetApp, the Asian company, has overtaken the rest of the world.

"It has risen from the low double digits to high digits and is growing because both the economic landscape and the IT industry are growing in Asia faster than the rest of the world and we are gaining market share," he said.

Speaking about the future of data management and storage, he said digitization is a trend that is on track.

"As a result, data is increasingly seen by Managing Directors or Information Managers as the most strategic assets besides people for their digital businesses.

"It is our belief that when something is strategic for a business, it is going to spend money to find the best way to use it and manage it," said Kurian, adding that the data management company will grow in the future.

According to Deepak Visweswaraiah, senior vice president and chief executive of NetApp India, Bengaluru's center is "very strategic" for the company.

"We have about 500 patents from the center of India, of which more than 50% have been granted by the US Patent Office. To this end, the innovation cycle is very active and lively in the center of India ".

Visweswaraiah said "we continue to recruit and grow the center" in Bangalore.

"India is one of the fastest growing markets for us," he said.

During the three-day event – NetApp – here, the company announced collaboration with DreamWorks to develop and supervise the customized data design approach to the studio. DreamWorks is a leader in family entertainment based on Glendale.