The weakness of Intel's CPU could jeopardize encryption

We spent the entire weekend that failed to reach the bottom of the Halloween caramel buckets. Yes, we are also disappointed by ourselves.

But, like Moonday, we have put this aside and rounded up the best critical information from the last few days just for you!

Here are some of our top choices.

1. A new security threat called PortSmash takes advantage of a previously overlooked component of Intel's hyperthreading technology. This threat could compromise the security of sensitive information, including private keys for encryption. It is believed that the threat can also be attacked by other CPU manufacturers. Is not anyone safe?

2. The Government of Taiwan wants to know who spends cryptic frequency. The country passes laws to suppress anonymous encryption transactions. Part of the regulations will require exchanges to implement "real-name systems" that will require users to fully disclose their identity. Live anonymously!

3. The Turkish police arrested a group of 11 criminals believed to be linked to a series of unnecessary wallet purses. The reports claim that the victims have lost over $ 80,000 as a result of the group's malicious activity.

4. At the end of last month, the Bank of America added another patent for its collection. Despite its categorical criticism of blockchain and cryptocurrency, it now owns over 50 patented patents. Now, we just have to wait and see what to do with them.

5. Last week it was reported that Israel hosts over 200 newly established businesses. This week it came to light that Israel-based IOMs managed to raise over $ 600 million in the first quarter of this year alone.

6. The British banking giant HSBC has successfully completed an international cross-border trade finance payment between India's energy and petrochemicals group, Reliance Industries and the American oil logistics company Tricon Energy. Oh, and that was done in the blockchain, of course.

Well there you have it, another weekend of encryption news. I am somewhat disappointed that it was no more scary, it was finally a Halloween.

Published on November 5, 2018 – 09:02 UTC