The young Americans mark record in the meantime, reject the Trump, GOP: Poll

Nearly twice as many respondents found the GOP with the Democratic Party – 41% to 21%, while 35% said they were not connected or independent.

This gap widened considerably when Trump's job was asked as a chairman: 68% of all respondents said they were disapproving of Trump's performance after nearly two years of operation, compared to only 26% approving. It has risen even further among potential voters, with 72% of this group not disapproving of Trump's work.

While Trump's often polarist rhetoric makes a rigorous distinction in approval less than surprising, the research shows almost the same cut-off for congressional congresses. Twenty-five percent of respondents approved GOP's work at Congress, while 68% said it was disappointing. The gap between potential voters increased to 22 percent and 75 percent disapproved – a gap of 53 percent.

Democrats in Congress have been more evenly divided, although the majority of 53% still rejects their performance.

The young Americans also seem to consider the two big parties as a proxy for their wider feelings about the direction the country is directing. Nearly three out of five respondents said they were more afraid than they were optimistic about the future of the US. and that a crowd of 43% said they would have more fear if the GOP held the majority in the House after mid-term. Instead, 42% of respondents said they would have more hopes if Democrats would achieve the majority of the House.