These stylish sunglasses also record videos and HD pictures

If you think so, it's reasonable that out of all the technology giants out there that the company behind Snapchat would be ahead of the curve when it comes to embodying gowns with the function of downloading videos and photos for sharing. We are accustomed to this emerging healthcare technology, but what about everyday portable items like sunglasses recording HD videos and high-quality images?

Snap Inc. recently launched a new wave Diopter – a set of "wayfarer" style sunglasses that come in uniform and feminine styles. Ideal for when you want to take a random moment without disturbing any scene taking place without interrupting what's going on or slowing down the need to pull a phone or camera.

Polarized lenses show a sleek, sophisticated look. Ideal for you to glide before doing work or taking with you on your next camping trip. They are still water-resistant enough to be used in pool parties and in shallow waters, and have enough built-in memory to use without the need for your phone.

The glasses can now record up to 30 seconds of HD video – and although they are made for Snapchat, you can export your captured photos and videos to any platform. They are predefined for a circular perspective, but you can download your media in square or rectangular formats if you are an Instagram user or otherwise. All you need to do is press a button and you can start pulling all the photos and videos you like – without having to organize the scene or ask your friends to stop and put on Photo.

Priced anywhere between $ 150-200 per pair, these sunglasses are stylish enough to wear anywhere and are a perfect way to help you relive your memories. Bring a couple with you before your next trip or vacation and you're ready to go.

Check the collection here before unrolling.