This 5-year-old paid the rest for lunch for 123 students, selling cocoa and cookies

Katelynn Hardee, a teacher at Breeze Hill Elementary School, listens to a parent saying she had trouble paying for a post-school program.

"She started asking me a lot of questions, and I just tried to explain to her that sometimes people are not so lucky and that we have to try to be polite and give as much as we can," Katelynn's mom, Carna Hardy, told CNN.

So Katelynn decided to set up a kiosk on December 8th, spending her Sunday selling hot cocoa, cider and cookies. Katelynn and her mother donated the $ 80 she raised to pay for the negative meals of over 100 students in elementary school.

In this way, the young man hopes other students will be able to "get a snack and lunch. If they don't, their belly grumbles," Katelynn said, according to her mom.

"Everyone is so proud and happy and other students are already talking about ways they can also make a difference," said Breeze Hill's Lori Higley. "It will show that even a small, good kind of a 5-year-old can make a difference in someone's life."

Katelynn's next goal is to raise enough money to pay off not only the negative meal balances at Breeze Hill, but also the "thousands of negative accounts" at Vista Unified School District schools, Hardee said.

To help with her new mission, which she calls #KikisKindnessProject, other students and staff at Breeze Hill will be hosting a hot cocoa and grilled product on Saturday to raise more money to pay for negative school meals at school.

After repaying all the bills throughout the area, Katelynn will then use the money raised to help support school programs that will be removed due to budget cuts.

"It's all about kindness, especially this holiday season and with what's happening in the world, we just need a little more courtesy out there," Hardee said.