this diwali check out these kajal looks | Beauty

If you ask a woman what her basic bag is, the answer will undoubtedly be kajal. Kajal or surma is extensively used in the Indian sub-area and in parts of Africa. The first known documented use of kajal was from the ancient Egyptians. If you are looking for something that is soothing to the eyes and does not have too many chemicals, try TS Kosmique Kajal.

This is free of hardness and is made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E that will glide effortlessly into your tucks. And since Diwali is around the corner, you're probably looking to try different kajal looking for the festive season. We present five different kajal looks that you can do with the TS Kosmique Pencil.

The winged liner

You do not always need a wet liner for your impeller lining – you can use TS Kosmique Kajal as a gel lining with heating for 2-3 seconds on a lighter and then create a feather lining.

The stuffed eyes

The best style to choose if you want to emphasize the shape of your eyes (and something Kareena Kapoor Khan often chooses) is a thick lip of kajal.

The smoky eye

This unusual look can be done within minutes. Just apply the kajal to your eyelash and then use a blender brush to quench it.

Thin liner

If you want to add an extra label to your rose eye shadow, draw a fine line near your eyelash line as did Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Start from your inner corners and fade your lower eyelash line for a painful appearance.

The bottom line

Mix and match! If it's a bright eye shadow on your lids, fill it with kajal on your lower eyelash line and smudge to the outer corners.

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