This is how MS Dhoni, R Ashwin cricket academies provide training during the closing of the corona

Former Indian team captain MS Dhoni and spin-bowler Ravichandran Ashwin are providing live Facebook training for trainees over the past week amid speculation by coronavirus across the nation.

The rapid spread of the virus worldwide has begun to see serious consequences. India has imposed a 21-day lock-up until April 14 to fight the spread of the new corona.

According to recent reports from many stores, MS Dhoni Cricket Academy is trying to address the current state of the pandemic while maintaining social exclusion.

Meanwhile, Ashwin's academy is also exploring ideas to keep their lessons running where Ravichandran himself interacts and provides advice to his students.

However, unlike Ashwin, Dhoni is not directly involved in guiding his academy, but holds major stocks and produces key data.

"There are aspects that can be sharpened even on the porch or in any small area in the house without hitting the ball. Bowlers can work on things like the handle, loading, building action and action without releasing the ball. said MSDCA head coach Satrajit Lahiri.

"If these things are right, the release will be better, especially the Spinners can do a lot at home." "A lot of things look thin, but they require constant polishing." "Things like backlift, defense, playing strokes can be perfected by doing shadow practice."

"Online seminars have separate episodes in batting, fast bowling and bowling, fielding and wicketkeeping. There are chapters on mental and physical ability," he added.

As corona cases have skyrocketed across the country, the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) on Thursday stepped up its testing strategy for COVID-19 cases, especially at catering centers and evacuatees identified by the central government.

Prime Minister Modi said he had received suggestions from experts and that all of them had recommended expanding the national lock in India.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), there are 7,529 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country and 242 deaths have been reported.