Thyme; A village inside a village

A weekend away in the country usually means checking into a large old mansion with a large reception and entertainment rooms so you can see throughout the week. Today the savvy traveler needs privacy, a sense of home, and excellent service. This is packaged and effortlessly delivered by Thyme's team.

A village within a village is their strapline. It's a bit vague, but it's clear what that means after a visit. Thyme is an old farm that over time has slowly and organically developed into a kind of resort type.

I spent a bit on Thyme exploring the band to understand this modern interpretation of a weekend getaway. What I love about this is that there is enough to do on the farm that you do not have to leave.

There is a cooking school, libraries, a spa, an outdoor heated pool, a choice of two dining areas and a wonderful cozy bar. Lots of fireplaces dotted around, so it's a case of picking your favorite spot, curling up, ordering tea and relaxing.

The design is suitable for a farm and very simple, which I really like. The customized sheep around the property add so much character, they are also comfortable enough to sit on. Each building has been carefully restored, taking into account its original construction and intended use. There is also a long history of property, including a tree dating back over 600 years.

The rooms are private and comfortable, with a mix of bedrooms in different buildings around the property and some garden houses also available.


Lunch at Thyme

We were lucky enough to have the table of chefs which was a real treat. Thyme served a wonderful Christmas party for us. Everything comes locally and absolutely delicious.

Cooking school

Thyme started in cooking school and many visitors enjoy the time at school during their stay. We had a great time at the culinary school, which included the gougere. The cocktail was also on the menu and I really liked it. You will see that my piping skills need some practice.

Doors in Thyme

As I walked through the property, I continued to photograph all the doors. I really liked the fact that everyone was completely different, which highlights the age of the buildings and the organic route to the hotel.

Contact Thyme for more information and to book your stay.