TikTok: Positive & # 39; response by users, industry so far: TikTok parent

A senior executive from the Chinese company owning TikTok said he received a "overwhelmingly positive" response from video application users as well as online and mobile associations in India after the Madras Supreme Court banned the shootings temporarily.

The upper court said on Monday that staying in TikTok's filming archives would be vacant if the supreme court did not decide on the issue at his hearing on Wednesday. Speaking to ET on Tuesday, Helena Lersch, director of global public policy at ByteDance, said the company remained "very promising" and "optimistic" for the hearing.

"We are continuing to serve our 200 million users in India, they are very supportive and active, they continue to use the application and continue to report content that they feel uncomfortable," he said.

"We are here to work with the authorities and listen to them. The entire industry has also borrowed our support in this case. "

Lersch said the company had identified multiple security features in India in languages ​​like Hindi in the past year and that the security toolkit was at the same level as other industry players. "I think we are a very secure application, we have top security features in our app and creators and users are using it," he said.

The company also launched an "age gate" in India "on a voluntary basis, as this is not required by Indian law," he said. If a user under the age of 13 attempts to enroll in the application, the app will not be allowed. There are also functions such as privacy protection, detailed feedback reviews, and a limited way for parents to control what their teenage children have access to, the executive added.

Lersche said that India needs competitive policies in the field to be able to continue to attract investment and be a first mobile phone market.

"We are an app for 13 people, and that's what we are saying in the Play Store and this is in line with the US Children Act and that is the guideline we are following," he said.

According to the data reported by App Annie Market Research Corporation for the period from April 1 to 18, TikTok ranked first in India for social downloads on Google Play and the iOS photo and video category.