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Is there anything more magical than drinking a glass of prosecco while taking in the idyllic views of Italy? Food and drinks are at its heart Dolce Vita and everything in Italy focuses on gastronomic delicacies.

In my ultimate food guide like the local one in Italy, I talked about devouring all the treats available in Italy – from Positano to Venice. But now, my friends, it's time to bring the sparkling wine … in the form of one of the coolest vending machines in the world! OK, what?

There is a vending machine in Italy that distributes prosecco!

Pass on Doritos and Coca-Cola! Not only can you choose prosecco, but you will also find wine, even olives and biscotti! This does not mean that every machine in Italy removes the goods, but you will find it in the Prosecco area in the north of Italy.

In case you missed it on Instagram, I totally forgot about the vending machine I found at Prosecco. Right next to the machine? An "honest" kitchen in a remote stone farmhouse – where you can find local cheeses, breads and seasoned meats. Once you are fully stocked, go for a perfect picnic.

Here are my tips for visiting the Prosecco vending machine in Italy!

Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene

Go to the Prosecco area

The Prosecco region, also known as the bottle of Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene, is a European fairy tale. With wineries and the old farmhouse located in vineyards, this area is a foodie (and wino!) Paradise.

To get to Prosecco, you will want to fly to Venice or Treviso. Both cities have international airports and are well connected by train. When you arrive and want to explore the area, you can hire a local taxi driver.

Fun Fact: The Prosecco area is one of the last and largest additions to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also the only region in the world where Prosecco can be produced.

My tips for a day trip

I've been to amazing winelands in South Africa as well as to vineyards around the world. However, the Prosecco area is radically different. Couples are no big deal, nor are they learning about what makes bubbles different from other varieties.

Do not expect a standard tasting test.

The Prosecco area is less than a tourist trap in many areas, especially considering how famous their sparkling wine is. When you go to Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene (you can name it exactly as Valdobbiadene), you will want to plan ahead. The best sights are not obvious upon arrival.

Read the best places to visit and research which wineries or dining venues you would like to visit. Head on, there is not much English spoken in the area and there is not much chit chat when sampling sparkling wines. It's more to dive into the landscape … and enjoy the little buzz. 😉

How to Visit the Prosecco Vending Machine

Once you've tried some varieties, it's time for a vending machine! The best place to start your journey is at Osteria Senz & # 39; Oste (sense & # 39; oste (meaning "no host" in Italian) – this is the "honest" cuisine I mentioned earlier. Here, you can pick up all your picnic supplies in the open farmhouse.

There are places to sit in Osteria along with some picnic tables outside overlooking the hills. While it's a great place for a break, keep going! Bag up your supplies and head up the hill to get your sparkling wine. Follow the signs (like bread) that say & # 39; Prosecco & # 39;

visiting the prosecco area of ​​italy

The Prosecco vending machine was easily one of the highlights of my Italian stay. It was just such a peculiar little attraction! After all the wine regions I've explored, the Prosecco area still managed to pull off a gulf from its sleeve.

That said, it is a somewhat controversial object. Vending machines are not exactly the best reputation, so some people think they are not fit to hold Prosecco's famous wine. For me, wine does not need a candle and an occasion. A good bottle of wine is a good bottle of wine, whether served by a world-class sommelier or a vending machine.

Prosecco is very reasonably priced with options below 20 euros and some even below 10!

We chose a raw wine and, with so many choices, went for the one with the hottest label (why else does one choose?). There was a futuristic arm that gently grabbed the bottle and then handed it over.

Cheers to it!

In total

While Prosecco's vending machine has become a small tourist attraction, it's the Italians who really love it. You will find locals using it as a local picnic area. It has a relaxed atmosphere which is exactly what I was looking for in my Italian getaway.

I have heard that there are many different prosecco machines in this area. Do you know anymore? I would love to join in the comments below!

Want to see what the Prosecco vending machine is in action? check it video on my Instagram post (I was so excited about forgetting to take a photo, but I made a video!). Scroll to see it!