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Top 8 things to do in New York

New York is one of the largest cities in the world. There are famous places around every turn, mouth-watering restaurants, award-winning Broadway shows and something that happens anytime of the day.

When planning a trip to New York, it's hard to decide what you want to do – especially if you have a limited time. It makes the choice between world class museums, incredible buildings and all shooting sites Gossip Girl almost impossible.

Here are my top 8 things to do in New York City to help you see the best of Great Apple at a critical time!

New York Bagel

Try Delicious NYC Eats

Let's be honest, one of the best things to do in New York is to eat! There are so many different markets, restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from – it's a food paradise!

Pizza & Bagels: Two of the best things in life that were best made in New York. No one will agree on the "best" place for pizza or biscuits, but one of the best pizza points is Joe's Pizza near Chailait and Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. I also love B Side Pizza. For bagels, H & H Midtown Bagels beats the point.

It can take you one hour to get a slice of 5 pizza pizza but it's worth every random bite!

Markets: One of my favorite things to do in New York is to go to the Gansevoort market. It has been running since 1884 and is where you will find incredible ice cream, New York pizza, ramen and more! Another great choice is the Chelsea market, open from Monday to Saturday. It has more than 35 vendors and draws over 6 million people every year.

Hot Dogs & Pretzels: If you are looking for hot dogs and cookies, any old road booth will do. It's a NYC stapler, but it's not the most gourmet thing you'll experience in the city. Head to Katz Deli in East Houston for a right hot dog (and do not miss out on his wonderful pickles). Known for their beef, the family spot is over 100 years old.

Italian: Mamma Mia, I can not find enough Italian when I'm in New York! This is also something that the locals will protest about where it is best. I love Briarla. It is a cozy bar with cheap and tasty food and wine. They also have some great lunches and happy hours!

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New York

Take a dose of caffeine

New York has more cafes than restaurants and bars. If you want to find the best places for a cup of Joe, I definitely recommend to ask the locals.

New places are emerging constantly, and you may discover a hidden gem!

Here are some of my favorite cafes in New York. I keep coming back to these points every time I visit without fail.

Chalait: Located in Hudson Square, NoMad and Chelsea Market, Chalait is known for its avocado tea and matcha tea. Stop here for delicious gourmet sandwiches, quinoa cups and a buzz to get you to all the sights of New York!

Toby's Coffee Shop: There are five sites across New York, but I think those on the 5th Ave or Brooklyn are the cutest ones. There are shelves full of vintage goodies, marble countertops, tin ceilings and much more at each location. It is a paradise of the Instagrammer!

Blue brown bottle: Williamsburg, Brooklyn (also known as my favorite location) is built on the lower floor of an industrial building of the 1930s that has been turned into attics. Visit from Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 7am and Saturday and Sunday from 7am until 7:30 pm

A few words: If you are an artist or a freelancer, this will be your multitude. Little Skips have coffee, grilled, sandwiches and even wine and beer. In addition, there is revolving art and music, so you will always experience something different.

Espresso of Ninth Street: With six locations, you will find some of the best searches (and try) espressos in New York. Remember to take a picture of the impressive art of coffee before taking a sip!

Two hands: Nobody makes coffee like Australia, so you can trust that the two hands belonging to Australia serve a medium bowl. Go to the Tribeca site and see the "ladies room" down for an awesome Instagram shot. 😉

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New York

Wander around the gardens

When most people think of Big Apple, they think of Central Park. What they do not realize is that it has a beautiful spot called the Conservatory Garden.

Located on 5th Avenue and 105th Street, it is open from 8am to dusk and happens to be the only official garden in Central Park.

Another beautiful choice is Washington Square Park on the 5th Ave and Macdougal (near Chailait). It is best known for its arch that honors George Washington as well as a fountain.

If you are in Brooklyn, there is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It will cost $ 15 to get in, and you will find many events and exhibits.

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New York

Take the metro

The Metro reception in New York is a cultural experience. It's one of the top things I have to do in New York City if you want to get a feel of the heart of the city.

While it may not be the most comfortable way to spend (especially in the summer), it is a melting pot for people. Everyone uses the metro and there are still live shows at the various stations.

My favorite is Lucky Chops, a funk band playing at the 34th station.

On the 42nd street you will find a lady playing a cello as a cello, Union Square has a tragic jazz-funk band and if you get off on 2nd Avenue, you can hear a rock'n'roll accordion!

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Blonde in New York

Shop until the final fall

Whether you're in the hunt for vintage or designer clothes, NYC has it all. From West Village to SoHo in Brooklyn, everywhere there are unique shops.

Awoke Vintage in Brooklyn: If you are like me and I love vintage shopping, you have to stop by Awoke. They have the cutest shop and some of the best vintage clothes and bags!

Pink olives in Brooklyn: If you're on the lookout for the house and paper items go to the pink olive. They have everything from books, greeting cards, stationery and home decoration.

Hard Trade Recording: Wander through the hallways full of classic vinyl. There is a huge choice to choose from, as well as a café, a bookstore and a bar area.

There is also urban jungle, a vintage-shopping mecca in Brooklyn. If you are looking for vintage in East Village, be sure to stop by ladies and gentlemen.

New York

Top attractions

High Line: High Line is a 1,45-mile-long park built on an old elevated railroad. The park features food salesmen, art and incredible views of the Hudson River and the New York skyline. The best time to visit is early in the morning or in the evening. You will avoid crowds and you will have the incredible views for yourself.

Washington Square Park: Washington Square Park is a 9.75 acre park in Greenwich Village and one of the top things you can do in New York City. He has appeared in countless films like Ghostbusters. I'm a legend and when Harith met Sally.

Tower of Freedom and Monument 9/11: The Tower of Freedom is a tribute to all those who died on September 11th. While it is a disappointing experience, it is an opportunity to deepen the tragedy. The monument has two twin reflex pools and the largest man-made waterfalls in North America. The names of all those who died that horrible day are written in gold panels that touch the swimming pools.

Empire State Building: Do you want a virtual shot of the New York skyline? Go to the 86th or 102nd floor of the Empire State Building! There is an observation deck that offers a 360 degree view of Central Park, the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Be sure to pack a wide angle lens if you want to get as much as possible!

Grand Central: Grand Central Central Station is much more than a busy transportation hub. It's a place to shop, dine and experience what New York has to offer. The station is in a beautiful Beaux-Arts building and has been open to the public since 1913. It is also where the famous scene of Serena returning to New York at Gossip Girl was shot! Do not forget to look – the renovated ceiling has an incredible heavenly scene!

Flair building: This iconic 21-storey building is known for its triangular shape. It can not be the tallest building in the city, but it has appeared in more postcards than any other building. At present, it's a private office building, but there are plans to turn into a hotel. You can not explore inside yet, but it's one of my favorite Instagrammable places in New York!

The bridge of Brooklyn: Can you say I still like Brooklyn? Visit the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset if you want incredible photos of the city skyline. Walk across and take the views of Brooklyn, Statue of Liberty and Manhattan.

Top of the Rock: For $ 50 you can visit the roof of Rockafeller Center, also known as Top of the Rock. You will have access to three 360-degree stories overlooking Manhattan! Just get ready for long lines waiting to get tickets and dress warmly during the fall – it can get a lot of wind! On the way up, stop at the sunken square of the Center. The stairs here are the best place to take a picture of Prometheus's huge champion.

Time Square: One of the best things to do in New York City is to visit Times Square. It's a key on every New York route, with huge billboards and screens illuminating the night. If you can, plan your visit around Christmas or New Year's Eve and watch the famous "ball drop" at midnight!

Met: The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 and features more than 5,000 years of art. With constantly changing exhibits, there is so much history to be seen at The Met. General admission costs only $ 25, making it one of the cheapest things to do in New York. If you are a student, make sure you have your identity with you and that your acceptance will be reduced to $ 12.

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Brooklyn, New York

Proceed to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a mandatory visit when you travel to New York. Street art is becoming more and more popular and occurs everywhere, especially in Brooklyn. There are a few points you will definitely want to check (and Instagram).

The Bushwick Collective: Located just outside Flushing Ave, the Bushwick neighborhood highlights the work of various local artists. There are about 100 blocks of art in and around the Bushwick Collective area. All art is temporary and typically lasts about 12 months before the replacement.

DUMBO Walls: The DUMBO walls consist of 8 walls with artwork from CAM, DALeast, Eltono, Shepard Fairey and many more. You can find all frescoes at 20 Jay St.

Starr Project: Start at Starr St and the Cypriot Ave and then take your way to Agios Nikolaos Avenue. You will see incredible street art frescoes, including an enormous fresco Frida Kahlo.

New York

See a Broadway show

Of all my trips to New York, the lead is always on a Broadway show. There are hundreds of theatrical plays every day, from timeless classics like Wicked to new additions (and my current favorite), Mean Girls.

If you put your heart in one of the top performances, make sure you buy your ASAP tickets. Tickets are sold quickly and you might not get a seat for your dates in the city.

Helpful Hint: I totally thought that watching a Broadway show was like going to the Opera House. My friend and I got completely dressed in formal attire and is planning for a sophisticated evening out. We were definitely the most exaggerated in the show! In fact, most people wear jeans and t-shirts. You also get wine "from the coffee-cup" full. (You will understand what I mean when you go.) It's not as elegant as I imagined, but it makes it even more fun!

Megali Milos has a lot to offer and it's almost impossible not to fall in love with the big city. Between markets, incredible food, gardens, attractions, shows and more, there is so much to see and love.

So, what are you waiting for? Take this trip to New York City reservation!