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Donald Trump launches a frenzy in America in the last four days of the campaign before Tuesday's midterm elections, organizing nine rallies in eight states in an effort of ultimate joy helping Republicans to hold control of Congress.

His turbulent program takes Trump through the hearts of his conservative base. It begins Friday in a coal country in West Virginia and Indiana. brings him to Montana and Florida on Saturday. strikes Georgia and Tennessee on Sunday and ends with a three-stage marathon on Monday in Ohio, Indiana for the second time and Missouri.

The electoral map of his final protests is as he says about where he goes like where he is not going. It focuses strongly on rural areas where American Big Americans gather, while avoiding the suburban neighborhoods that host the richest conservatives who are less interested in it.

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"Look at the stops," said Jennifer Duffy, senior editor of non-culinary cooking policy. "In Florida, he goes to rural Pensacola and not to Tampa, where Tennessee is the same motif in Chattanooga and not in Nashville."

Dafi said: "The Republicans are still worried that the conservative base can not reach enough numbers. These are low-voltage voters and there is no better way to encourage them to go to polling stations than they are for Trump to do it himself. "

Tramps rallies have become a crucial element of his eclectic tool. They allow him to communicate visually with his most passionate fans, in the hope that they will advance the turnout.

More and more, his message focused on combating immigration and on a nationalistic call to "America first". On a rally in Columbia, Missouri, on Thursday night, he spoke in a noisy voice about violent camps for asylum seekers heading for US borders fueled by democratic money.

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The beeline that Trump makes for its base has consequences for the kinds of racing it is trying to dominate. It pushes him into state battles for the seats and governments of the US Senate and away from the suburban districts that will decide which party controls the House of Representatives.

Democrats have to turn 23 home seats to fight control behind the Republicans, and their prospects look good. The Cook County Report estimates that the Republicans of the House are in a state of mistreatment or worse in 45 districts – many of which are in suburban areas where there are indications that white women attending college have left the party.

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"Trump has made a clear choice to deliver the closure argument in very conservative areas that you could see as a strategic decision to admit this House," said Republican General Simon Rosenberg.

Instead, the Trump harshly hits several states where the Republicans hope to take the US Senate seats from the Democrats and thus secure or strengthen their control in the upper house (now they have 51 seats in the Democrats 49). The fate of the draw helped them here – in these elections, with one-third of Senate seats trapped, Democrats have the misfortune to need to defend 26 seats against the nine Republicans.

Among the Senate struggles Trump hopes to influence with his inflammatory rhetoric on immigration is Missouri, where the president will hold his final fight at 21:00 on Monday. Democrat Claire McCaskill is locked in a tough fight there with Democratic Prosecutor General of State, Josh Hawley.

Trump also hopes to launch Democratic actors in West Virginia (Joe Manchin) and Indiana (Joe Donnelly). In Montana it goes to extreme lengths to destroy Democratic Jon Tester – when Air Force One lands in Belgrade, Montana on Saturday will be the fourth appearance of Trump in the state in its midst.

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But then it is personal in this case: Trump was outraged by the Tester's reaction to his nominee for veteran secretary Ronny Jackson and is looking for his revenge.

Several high-profile management fights are also solid on Trump's radar in the dying stages of the campaign. They include Georgia, where it tries to prevent Republican Stacey Abrams from becoming the first ruler of the black woman in the country. and Florida, where another prominent black contender, Andrew Gillum, took a slight lead in recent polls with his opponent Ron DeSantis.

The Florida finale underlines the vital importance of these mid-term elections for both major political parties and Trump. If Gillum wins, he will be able to promote his conviction that the president should be accused of "high crimes and misdemeanors."

If the Democrats take back the House of Representatives on Tuesday, they could investigate the Trap aggressively through powerful congressional commissions with summons. They could also vote to blame the president if Robert Mueller, Russia's special adviser, reveals serious violations on the part of the president.

However, in order to convict the Trump of any accusations submitted by the House, Democrats will also have to take control of the US Senate on Tuesday. This is a much taller order so Trump does everything he can to prevent it as he walks around the country by bringing his message about a rising economy, tax cuts and immigration cuts.