Transform Your Images This festive season with these tips on how to look great in Selfies

Surely, the holiday season means many things. But in the age of social media, everything is about images. If you are someone who lives to get more likes, it will not shame your need for validation. In fact, we'll just tell you how to set up and prepare for your Diwali photos so that you do not look anything less than PHAT … beautiful, warm and tempting!

Avoid shooting in places where the light source is just above you


Many places with artificial lighting, such as bathrooms or lounges, have lights installed on the ceilings. Similarly, when the sun is just above us at noon, the light is just above us. These are the terrible conditions for good pictures, because they underline the shadows under our eyes and make us look like dark circles. Avoid such conditions when taking pictures or try using a lower light at a lower angle to illuminate places that may look dark.

Take selfies at a 40 degree angle above your eye level


Take a page from Kim Kardashian's book because self-service can really be magical if you can find a corner that works for you. For most people, however, lifting the phone slightly above the eye level and tilting it at a 40 degree angle can help you get a flattering picture. You see, this angle takes the emphasis from your jaw and gives a heart-shaped look to almost every face shape.

The three quarters are set to make your face appear more intense


If you hate the way your face looks when you look at the camera straight, with your entire face turned towards you, then try it. Turn your body away from the camera, but look back at it, just moving your head, making sure that three-quarters of your face is visible to the camera. Think this is ridiculous? Well, Sonakshi Sinha's Instagram proves how effective this trick is! This will help to highlight the shape of your nose, the length of your eyelashes and the contours of your jaw. However, since it is not an overall profile side, your features will not be too much.

Put your tongue behind your teeth and say "money" when you smile


Come on … the cheese is in 1990! For all those who turn into Chandler Bing when it's time to smile for a photo, here's a new and amazing way to smile. Full, as it may sound, by saying "money" instead of "cheese" when the smile makes your mouth seem more balanced and soft than the aggressive milling of the old cheese. In addition, if you want a celebrity photo, putting your tongue behind the front cutters helps you control the width of your smile. Just ask Britney Spears, who swears by it!

Eyeliner or at least mascara is essential for beautiful portraits!


While makeup is just a personal preference, eye enhancement is the surest way to show off your personality and to intensify your look when you are facing a camera. So, whatever you do, do not skip the mascara if you are planning to wear makeup to be photographed. A piece of eyeliner also goes a long way, of course, as do internal corners are pointed out. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, dress them up! And if you want proof, take a look at Alia Bhatt's Insta page.

Throw your shoulders, put your hands on your hips and put one foot before the other in an "X" shape


Eagerly to how to put? Take a hint from Deepika Padukone and let your inner super model shine when you boil all your carrots and lehengas for ops photos! Stand up, throw your shoulders, place your hands on your hips and stand with one foot passage of the other in X-shaped. This will make your legs long while simultaneously emphasizing your waist.

Tip: If the flash flashes, open your eyes wider before closing the shutter


It is obviously obvious but important, this advice is for all those who are cursed with a closed-eye incident in all the photos taken with the help of a lens. Open your eyes wide and large before clicking on the camera so you only get blinked halfway. In this way, your eyes will not shut completely. We know, it's a fight.