Transforming your garden with large sculptures

There is no complete garden without central focus, but it is often difficult to find the right idea. Water features require frequent conservation, and not every landscape has an ancient tree to pull the eye. Many garden owners prefer a beautiful sculpture for their garden, chosen with both the plant and landscape frame and the tastes of those using the garden in mind.

Ideal for any garden, regardless of size

For those who choose a sculpture for larger gardens, the options are endless. It is important, however, to look at a piece of statement that will not be lost against an imposing landscape. The right large scale garden sculpture will allow designers to play with space, adding a sense of height to areas with low flower beds or creating a sense of perspective against an impressive array of trees.

large scale sculpture

In a smaller garden, a sculpture is the perfect way to bring elements of character and order and to highlight planting plans that gardeners who work with less space spend so much time for finishing.

The magic of professional sculpture

While there is the possibility to buy a sculpture ready online or from a garden center, nothing will feel quite beautiful as a piece especially for your garden.

Joseph Hillier is one of the most productive sculptors working in the UK today, and his art can be found in the landscapes of the country's most beautiful houses. She has been awarded the Art Council Artist Award of the Art Council Year and has created many projects in recent years.

large scale sculpture

Hillier works both in private and in public places to build breathtaking pieces that really show the power of sculpture. A special source of inspiration for the sculptural transformation of the garden space can be found in the renovation of Cheeseburn Grange Northumberland, owned by Joanna and Simon Riddell.

Find the right style

Whether you live in a country house located in acres or in a small suburban house with a shady garden, there will be a sculpture that can completely change the way you see your garden.

large scale sculpture

Some prefer a more modern style, with minimalist lines, geometric shapes and a clean, polished base material that surpasses the sophistication and sense of confidence in each aesthetics. Modern sculptures work extremely well in contrast to a brighter landscape – for example, a sleek, glamorous sculpture in the middle of a wildflower will take a breath.

Alternatively, rustic sculptures are becoming more and more fashionable. By working on materials such as rusty metal, these pieces are often hand-welded to create a sleek, rough and ready finish. The rustic sculptures are particularly effective for the smaller garden and when combined with the background of a fern or rich garden, the green space can really work to bring together a garden.

large scale sculpture

Regardless of the size of your yard, we hope that this blog post could have created a spark of inspiration – and helped you to examine how many sculptures can renew your garden.