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Using the Capital One Venture credit card

Thank you for Capital One for sponsoring this post. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely mine.

If you're going to spend money, why not win miles at the same time? If you like to travel as much as I do, a travel reward credit card is a non-brainer.

Using reward credit cards has really changed the way I travel. They will help you travel with a budget, travel more comfortably on long haul flights and offer you the trips you deserve from the puppy that you might otherwise not get. While I started traveling on a budget years ago, I learned how important it is to create points that I can use to redeem free flights, hotel rooms and much more.

Over the years, I have passed the huge bucket list destinations from my list. I have even moved to South Africa and now I call Cape Town my home away from home, so as you can imagine that your headquarters on one of the most remote destinations on earth does not make quick flights to California this issue)!

And with my travel credit cards, I've been flying from Los Angeles to Bogota, Colombia and then to Ecuador to explore the Galápagos Islands – this was my first great trip, where I was traveling for free to the business class. Last year, I've thrown myself all over the world – I flew from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to see my family earlier this year, then I left Los Angeles in Paris in the summer to explore the French countryside more. then back to Cape Town, ALL in places. On numerous trips, I've also upgraded a cheaper position in the business class using my grades.

This brings me to the Capital One Venture credit card – the latest addition to my wallet! The best travel credit card of 2018 was issued by CNBC and I have worked with them to share the benefits of the cards as well as an exciting announcement.

This week, Capital One introduced another very good way for Venture cardholders to redeem and maximize miles!

Earn points on (literally) anything

Use your daily expenses to your advantage and let them help you make your dream trip! The Capital One Venture Travel credit card allows you to earn miles from any purchase. There is no limit to how many miles you can earn at a time or how you win.

Use it for your daily shopping, such as monthly grocery shopping, Christmas gifts or gas filling.

Capital One Venture Card

Bonus registration

Do you have some big purchases that come with the holiday season? There is no better time to sign up for a Venture credit card.

If you spend $ 3,000 during the first three months after opening the account, you will receive two Venture miles for each dollar plus a 50,000 Venture mile bonus. This gives you about 35,000 miles of air travel when you transfer your Venture Miles to most of the participating airline engagement programs.

10x Venture Miles at

One of the drawbacks of travel loyalty programs is that you usually only choose to stay in certain hotel chains. It forces you to remain loyal even if you prefer to stay elsewhere, which I personally do not like – I like to stay in boutique properties all over the world and usually is not possible when I'm limited to specific hotel partners.

Capital One Venture changes this rule with its cooperation with to reward their cardholders to stay when and where they want. You can choose from literally thousands of accommodations, in cities all over the world!

Cardholders can earn 10x Venture miles on bookings made at (by January 2020), meaning you can earn up to 7.5 miles per year of airplanes you spend.

With the rewards program of Agoda Rewards you are not connected to a city, chain or room type. You can collect free rewards nights in thousands of properties anywhere in the world, and these remain all added to a free reward night redeemable almost anywhere or anytime. The value of the 11th free night is the average of the previous 10 nights!

There are no transaction fees abroad

I use my credit card much when I travel. I think it's easier and safer than transferring cash or using my debit card abroad, but external charges can be a huge budget, so I think it's very important to have a card that does not offer any fees transactions abroad.

You can push the Venture card away without worrying or doing any math on your head, making it the perfect companion journey.

$ 0 Introduction Annual fee for the first year

($ 95 after that)

Not sure if Capital One Venture is the perfect travel credit card for you? Your annual fee is exempt for the first year.

I know that one of the biggest concerns in acquiring a new travel credit card is the annual fee and I understand it, but I always encourage you to look at the benefits you get from a card in exchange for $ 95. I have always found that the annual fee is very reasonable for the benefits and miles that I can shelf up!

Avianca Business Class from Los Angeles to Bogota

Transfer directly to Airline Partners

This is probably my favorite asset of this card, and what I think is so beneficial for budget travelers. Once you've accumulated Venture miles, you can transfer them directly to over a dozen new Capital One travel loyalty programs. You can get the Miles Venture you've won, buy (literally) anything and transfer them at 2 Venture miles to 1.5 miles of airlines for most airlines and 2 to 1 for Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

You can redeem the Venture miles with the following airline engagement programs: (Emirates), Etihad Airways (Etihad Guest), Airline Flights (Aeromexico), Air Canada (Airplane), Air France and KLM (Flying Blue), Alitalia (MilleMiglia Program), EVA Air, Finnair Plus, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Qatar Airways (Privilege Club) and Singapore Airlines (KrisFlyer).

With this new feature, you can book airline tickets (including first and professional class), upgrade flights, top driving distances for cheaper bookings and more!

I think my favorite way of using miles is to upgrade flights from economy to business or first class for a more comfortable flight.

Additional privileges

Default TSA / World Entry: Get $ 100 for Global Entry or $ 85 for TSA PreCheck with the Venture Card. If you do not use this perk for yourself, you can use it to pay for the reward of a friend or family member.

Global Entry has been a lifesaver for me – I could not recommend it more for frequent travelers! Pass these big security lines in a breeze.

Accident Insurance *: Use the Venture card to buy your flight and you will automatically receive up to € 250,000 travel accidents coverage through the Visa signature signature service.

Loss of luggage *: You can be refunded lost luggage costs of up to $ 3,000.

Monday rental car rental *: You can cover for damage from collisions, vandalism and thefts.

Extended warranty protection *: This perk will double the manufacturer's warranty for one additional year with warranties of three years or less. Your maximum claim amount is $ 10,000 and $ 50,000 per cardholder.

Security Market *: For eligible items purchased with Capital One Venture, you can replace, repair or return them if an item is stolen or damaged within 90 days of its purchase. You can claim up to $ 500 per item and $ 50,000 per cardholder.

* See the Visa Subcategory Signature Wizard for full details.

B & W Airport

Start earning Miles

If you are not sure that it is the card for you, check out the Capital One website where you will find all the information you need to help you make the decision. It is important to understand all the benefits and financial obligations before opening a new travel credit card.

If you do not have a credit card for travel rewards, I suggest that you review it. Make travel all much easier (and cheaper in the long run)!

As I start planning my trips in 2019, I have already found out how to maximize my points to make long-haul flights and travel to a few new destinations! With the help of the new mileage transfer from Capital One Venture, I will be able to explore more destinations on African destinations (such as Egypt and Uganda!) While in Cape Town I hope you book a few California flights to between.

I am really excited to know that my daily purchases contribute to my travel goals and make it possible to continue these trips I wanted to do for years.

Have you ever used a travel credit card? Let us know the following comments!