Utah mayor, Brent Taylor, killed in "attack on confidential information" in Afghanistan, officials say

Updated November 4, 2018 8:28 AM EST

NORTH OF OGDEN, Utah – The mayor of a Utah city was assassinated during an Afghan assault while serving with the state's national guard, the interim mayor of Brent Chugg confirmed at CBS Salt Lake City, a subsidiary of KUTV. Mayor of North Ogden Brent Taylor died on Saturday in a prominent "attack on confidential information" in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Another member of the US service is treated for injuries sustained by the attack, US military officials said.

The Utah National Guard has identified the member of the service who was killed as a member of the Guard. The name of the guard member is withheld pending the alert of his relative.

Utah governor Spencer J. Cox wrote on his Facebook page that Taylor, 39, was killed.


The mayor of North Ogden, Brent Taylor, was killed in an "attack on confidential information" in Afghanistan.

North Ogden City

"Dentman, North Oderden's Prime Minister, Brent Taylor, was killed today while serving in Afghanistan," said Cox. "I hate this, I fight for the words, I like Mayor Taylor, Jennie's amazing husband and his seven sweet children, Utah crying for them today, this war costs us again the best blood of a generation around his family. "

Utah Sen. Orin Hets issued a statement on Saturday for Taylor's death on Twitter. "Brent was a hero, a patriot, a wonderful father and a dear friend." The news of his death in Afghanistan is catastrophic and my prayers and love are with Jennie and his 7 young children. .

Republican Senate candidate Mitt Romney said he was "broken with the tragic news".

Yuri, Gary Herbert, plans to hold a press conference on Sunday to discuss death.

Taylor settled in Afghanistan in January with the Utah National Guard for what was expected to be a twelve-month tour. Taylor, an officer of the National Guard, had previously two trips to Iraq and one tour to Afghanistan.

In what seemed to be his last Facebook position, Taylor shared photos on October 28 in Afghanistan and approved his fellow Americans to vote.

"As the US is ready to vote in our own elections next week, I hope everyone back home exercises their precious right to vote," he wrote. "And if Republicans or Democrats win, we all remember that we have far more Americans who unite us than separating us." God bless America. "

At the time of his placement in January, Taylor told local media that as an information officer he would be assigned to serve in an advisory group to train the staff of an Afghan commandos.

"There is now a need for my experience and capabilities to serve in our nation's long-term war in Afghanistan," he said. "President Trump has ordered the increase of troops and part of the new strategy focuses on expanding the capabilities of Afghanistan commandos."

Taylor became mayor of North Ogden, a city of approximately 17,000 people 46 miles north of Salt Lake City in 2013.

More than 2,400 Americans were killed in the 17-year war. Earlier this year, the Military Administration Sgt. Grandmaster Timothy Bjoyard was shot in an internal assault, killed by one of the Afghan security guards who came to Afghanistan to train.

There followed another attack of confidants who claimed the life of the 20-year-old Cpl army. Joseph Maciel in July.

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