Virtual design report

Virtual Design Fair is a new way to discover and connect with suppliers in interior design and architecture. From furniture, fabrics, lighting fixtures, accessories, manufacturers, craftsmen and more. You will find them in the Virtual Design Report.

We have started with incredible support from the industry with brands such as, Cameron Design House, Andrew Martin, Robert Langford, Amara, De le Cuona, Tom Dixon and MORE MORE! You can explore each brand further in the History section. Every day of the week we broadcast live on Instagram under one name, discussing their stories, sharing their pictures and videos and often including a lab tour. Follow us on Instagram to explore the saved IGTV.

In addition, we have a team of interior designers who support the exhibition and share their ideas and thoughts with us, you can find them here.

During the blog for the Interior Style Hunter blog and the operation of my marketing agency, the Pierrus Agency. I have visited, participated and presented my clients in design, architecture and art exhibitions around the world. In addition, I participated in the release of Holiday House London, the first exhibition space in the United Kingdom.

"The challenge with participating in all of these exhibitions worldwide is to invest time and money, designers and architects just don't have that resource. So I decided to bring them the report. "Grand Pierre

Virtual Design Fair allows designers to come up with a new brand every day from your mobile device. You connect directly with the brand and they are ready to meet you. Everything on the internet, through channels you already use.