Voters scold Donald Trump moderately

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Post 12:21 am ET 7 November 2018 | Updated 4:56 am ET 7 November 2018


Election results are found and Democrats have gained control of the House over the average. It will place control and balance on President Trump's power and could bind his agenda for the next two years.

Democrats occupy the House, putting restrictions on a president that crashes vitamins: Our opinion

The 2018 elections were rather a moderate rebuke of President Donald Trump, rather than a massive rejection.

The Republicans of Trump held the Senate and exceeded expectations in several Senate and government struggles, giving the GOP something for the crow. Indeed, Trump tweeted for "tremendous success tonight."

But the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, which will bring great – and very necessary – change to Washington. By placing Democrats in a congressional section, voters voiced their desire to put some restrictions on a president who beats a vitriol, according to voter polls that leave polls, 55 percent of them reject.

The party in the White House typically loses seats in the mid-term elections. What makes the outcome of this House even more important is that it has happened in a strong economy and a map that has disturbed the Republicans' advantage by grossly ridiculing the congressional areas in multiple states. Moving forward, the weak Republicans' performance in suburban areas of the house, which have been trusted, must be a wake-up call for the party.

If frustration with Trump's behavior was not enough to deter many voters, his attacks on health insurance were certainly. An Election Day survey by the Associated Press showed that healthcare is the most important issue in the minds of voters.

Changing the House's control means that attempts to abolish the law on affordable care, also known as Obamacare, are dead, as well as a new round of tax cuts.

The House's new majority also means that the many conflicts of interest in the Trump administration will take the congressional inquiries they deserve and that the cause of law enforcement will become an ally at least on one side of the Capitol.

As the results of the elections continue to leak, the message emerges that many voters are not satisfied with the way things have gone in the past two years. But the nation and Congress remain so bitterly separated as ever, if not more.

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