We spread cloud computing—Cloud sharing overseas cloud computing training experience sharing

In March 2016, senior lecturers in cloud computing training of Shanghai Resident Technology Information Co., Ltd. Jiang Ning and Yan Yongdong went to Malaysia and Hong Kong to train cloud computing related courses for Malaysian Rapid Cloud, Hong Kong TowngasTelecom and Datapipe employees. .

We spread cloud computing---Shangyun Overseas Cloud Calculate training experience sharing

As a cloud computing company that goes abroad, the cloud is more professional in cloud computing

Thinking that enterprises are building true cloud computing The training is more targeted and practical.

We spread cloud computing---in the cloud overseas cloud Calculate training experience sharing

As an introductory course for Shangyun training, whether it is an architect, developer or operation and maintenance personnel, the course leads the students to open the Aliyun journey and let the students Have a quick and comprehensive understanding of Alibaba Cloud. The course was lectured by Jiang Ning and Yan Yongdong, senior lecturers in cloud computing. The whole course was taught in English. Based on the independent experiments developed by Aliyun overseas site Alicloud, Alibaba Cloud products, technologies and solutions were professionally explained and guided.

We spread cloud computing---Shangyun Overseas Cloud Computational training experience sharing

This training course is based on a comprehensive introduction to Alibaba Cloud services and products to enhance the application development capabilities and management capabilities of the cloud, while supporting the cloud. The product demonstration and the sandbox simulation in the cloud, as well as the explanations of our senior lecturers, have comprehensively strengthened the students’ understanding of Alibaba Cloud. At the same time, we also gave feedback to the trainees after the training, and responded positively to the questions generated by the students during the study.

We spread cloud computing---Shangyun Overseas Cloud Calculate training experience sharing

Shuyun Information (Shanghai Responsible Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

is a company that uses Alibaba Cloud Computing and Big Data Consulting and Services. The mission of the company is to make cloud computing cloud rain, and really help enterprises effectively use cloud computing and big data to drive and help Chinese companies. To the Internet + development. The company was founded on July 17, 2013, and early investors included Sequoia Capital and Gobi Capital. In 2016, Resident Cloud also became a strategic partner of Alibaba Cloud mission level.

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