We tend to put women on a pedestal: Ekta Kapoor

Mumbai: Soap opera and web content creator Ekta Kapoor says the ongoing debate about feminism puts women on a pedestal and raises unrealistic expectations. The upcoming "Mission Over Mars" (M-O-M) web series, which shows an incredible journey of four women, is an attempt to bend that rule, he adds.

"Nationalism and feminism are two topics of debate in the current era and with that we tend to put our women on the podium and constantly make parameters like if you are a 'good girl' you will not drink, you will not date applications, and you will not is an ambitious person, and will be good at balancing personal and professional life. That's all wrong! "" At 'M-O-M' we are exploring different women on a joint mission, "Ekta told reporters during the show's trailer show on Friday night.

"M-O-M" features Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh, Palomi Ghosh, Ashish Vidyarthi and Mohan Joshi among others. The show marks a double celebration for her because OTT's Alt Balaji platform has partnered with another OTT platform, ZEE5.

The strategy of collaboration is to use both platforms and offer subscribers the ability to watch the content of one application on the other platform. So while ALT Balaji's "M-O-M" will also be available on ZEE5, a new ZEE5 web series titled "Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala" can be viewed on the Alt Balaji platform.

Ekta said: "We at Balaji Telefilms have the biggest relationship with ZEE in the last 14 years on television, and we must not forget that we are living in an era of collaboration. They want to grow and reach a larger audience, it makes sense to work with the largest brand. "

While Ekta is happy with the new venture, Aparna Acharekar, head of programming at ZEE5, said: "Both platforms (Alt Balaji and ZEE5) are logical scripts and have a good content library. Make sure you expand your audience and the two platforms. As home applications, we look forward to taking it to the next level. "

ZEE5 shows "Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala" is the story of two chefs, Nitya and Vikram, played by Divyanka Tripathi and Rajeev Khandelwal, and how their lives go through ups and downs.

As the story of the web series "MOM" is loosely based on the real-life manifestation of India's "Mangalyaan" launch, and Bollywood just made a biggie, "Mission Mangal", on the subject, Ekta was asked if the repetition of the theme would it was a disadvantage.

"Such things happened in the United States, where a movie, a documentary, and a show were made on the same subject, people watching it all. Second, in our show, we have imagined some characters and made them interesting. I think the story of such an achievement it has to be watched by as many people as possible, so people have to watch it on all platforms, whether on television, on an OTT platform or on film, "Ekta replied.

We added: "We started shooting back in May, so we couldn't release the show before the movie (which was released on August 15th.) We planned to release the teaser on August 15th and we did that. our platform before the movie aired on television. "

"M-O-M" will start running on September 10, while "Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala" will drop on September 3.