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What to Pack for a Winter Holiday

I am lucky enough to spend the winter in many different destinations around the world! I've traveled to beautiful winter destinations like Iceland, Whistler, Mont Tremblant, and more recently, I spent a few weeks traveling to the Christmas markets of Europe.

Based on my travels, I have compiled the final packing list on what to pack for a winter holiday.

Winter Winter Packaging Catalog:

  • 2 heavy coats
  • 1 Jacket down
  • 3 sweaters
  • Flannels
  • Layered foliage
  • Socks with leash
  • Denim + black pants
  • Beanies + Scarf
  • Wool socks
  • Winter boots

Based on the length of your winter trip, you can add a few more levels or remove them!

Winter Clothing Inspiration

Obviously, "winter" means something a little different depending on your destination – some places have a mild winter (perhaps without a snowy sight), while some are under freezing, frozen conditions. It is a good idea to check the predicted weather forecast before you go, but a month is a long time, so it's better to be prepared by freezing!

Check out my favorite winter styles and the inspiration of winter!

Heavy coat

A heavy jacket is an obvious essential for every winter trip. Depending on your destination, you might want a cute coat to dress your warm layers! A beige mosaic coat is an extremely neutral to have in hand, and I like to pack a red coat for a pop color.

Down jacket

The bottom jacket is a real lifesaver-keeping you toast hot! If you travel with light, make sure you freeze a "packet down" because it darkens very compact. If you have room in your luggage and you are headed to one colder destination, a bazaar is an excellent choice.


Oversized, comfortable sweaters are my jam – I rock them all year round, but for a winter trip, they are particularly nice for layering and sun loungers. You can combine a sweater with almost anything and dress it up or down! I always pack some neutral colors like beige, gray and black, and some fun colors like yellow mustard and burgundy.

T-shirts, jerseys and vests

Make sure you bring along some other warm layers you can wear under your sweaters or coats, or yourself on a warmer day. I always wear a shirt or two, and an inflatable vest in the mattress over a long sleeve or sweater.

Thermal mattresses

Thermal mattresses are ideal for sliding under the pants or sweater for more warmth! The fleece lined socks were a lifesaver on my trip to Iceland because they are comfortable and warmer than normal legs.

Winter boots

The startup period is my favorite! There are tons of boot styles, but keep in mind that high-quality winter boots are watertight, which means they will keep your feet and keep your feet dry in snow and snow. If you have room in your suitcase, think of bringing a second pair of boots or booties you can dress as well.


Dolls keep your head warm and add a stylish touch to every winter outfit! I usually choose cream or beige scarf and pair with a large fluffy scarf. Depending on where you go a pair of light gloves can be a good investment. I suggest you bring a few pairs of merino wool socks – keep your legs warm and comfortable on the boots all day long!

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