WhatsApp: One of the toughest CEO positions is paid in India

WhatsApp announced that it would appoint India's head of business by the end of the year. There were reports about the company that was looking for her head in India in April as well. With WhatsApp messages being increasingly seen as a tool for encouraging mob violence, the company is under pressure to have a local team with a head. In September, he appointed a protest officer for India after being pressured by the government. Now the government has asked for the officer to be placed in India instead of the US.

This will expose the officer to Indian law.

While India's CEO of WhatsApp is a coveted position, he comes with his own dangers when there is a growing perception in the government that the company is not doing enough to limit the spread of fake messages that incite violence.

The position of the head of Whatsapp India can come with personal legal responsibility. The messaging platform is having problems in other parts of the world in relation to messages running on its platform. In 2016, a senior advisor to Facebook Inc was arrested in Brazil for a court request to provide the company with data from WhatsApp's messaging service to help with a drug trafficking survey.

"Our new head of WhatsApp India, which will be named by the end of the year, will create a local team that can serve our customers in India, as well as collaborate with government co-workers and leaders to help security of people, "WhatsApp said an email statement to PTI.

In April, WhatsApp released the job description on Facebook: "WhatsApp is looking for an excellent person to lead our efforts in India, including products for people and businesses along with our interest in peer-to-peer payments as well as a history of successful corporate relations and business development in India, which should build close co-operation with product and engineer groups to influence the direction and effectively represent the long-term TRATEGY of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp fell under fire in India after a series of rabies events triggered by provocative messages released on its platform. So that Ravi Shankar Prasad's IT IT had warned that WhatsApp could face subscription fees if it did not follow Indian law.

The dividing point between WhatsApp and the government shares the details of the users. The government says it wants only traceability, not decryption of messages. He only wants the position and tracing of the sender of WhatsApp messages when such messages lead to a challenge. However, the company has said many times that securing traceability would affect the end-to-end encryption model. In an ET e-mail interview, WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniels said the messaging service was unlikely to abandon the key issue of keeping cryptographic standards,

WhatsApp India CEO should navigate these bad issues that will become even more complicated in the next year when the general election is about to take place.