When a cafe owner went to the hostel, a contestant worked there for free to help

So when Dave went to the hospital for treatment for termination cancer, local Coffee Company loyal customers and people in the community wanted to help. He has cancer that cannot work on his lymph nodes and doctors say he has only a few weeks left.

On Wednesday, the owner of a nearby cafe came to support the family by working at the store for free.

"She closed her own shop for a day and ran ours," Tina McAdams told CNN.

It was a record day for the coffee maker, with 142 sales of coffee lovers waiting longer than normal for their coffees, lattes and cappuccino's.

They played $ 3,000 in sales and donations.

"I knew I had to do something to help them keep their job alive so that Tina could be with Dave," said Pixie Adams, who owns Moonlight Coffeehouse. "So, I decided to take over their store and throw all the support I could through my business and my community their way."

The two shops are only about a mile away, but they are not adversaries.

Moonlight Coffeehouse Festival owner Pixie Adams has said she will continue to receive donations in her store for Dave and Tina.

"I'll always consider them friends more than competitors, and that's what friends do," Adams said. She started her business in 2017 after her battle with breast cancer and said it was an honor to help.

"I have fought hard for more birthdays and I want to do the best I can for my community as long as I can," Adams said. She plans to continue raising money for the family in her store.

A Portland coffee machine owned a fundraiser for McAdamses last month and made 100kg from a special Dave's Loved Deeply Brew named after his personal philosophy. All the money from the sales of this coffee will go to the family.

Tina says that Dave is making many videos, which he ends up telling viewers, "You are deeply loved."

"She only sees people for who they are," Tina said. "It makes people feel like they are the most important person for him."

The couple also runs a non-profit, which collects hygiene supplies and helps the poor do laundry.

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Tina said that in addition to community activities, Dave is also recognized around town because his car is extroverted like the Ecto-1, the vehicle in the "Ghostbusters" franchise.

She said many people came to see her husband while she was in the hospital.

He had no idea he had touched so many people, he said.