Why this week belonged to Priyanka Chopra and her Sartorial Genius

Priyanka Chopra made her fashion last week. If you have not kept it, she's the new Hollywood girl that everyone is talking about. and boy, serves us for virtual appearance one after another. Shook looks like a child compared. She lives in New York, going for Broadway presentations and closing Tiffany & Co. for her bridal shower – whatever we want to be part of, and every part of the celebrity we secretly share to be – on your face!

There is hardly anything we can criticize when it comes to her clothes. He kills every day of the week, with changes in clothing every four hours. Many colors, textures and couture wrapped in frame 5 & # 39; Are just stylish and they've done so well – we had to create a separate column for genius in the stylist's spreadsheet.

There are many things that happen in the world and last week was Priyanka! Here's the decoding top seven look that makes us think one thing – this girl wants to swing … on the best side of celeb fashion.

1. Bridal force


If the look could kill, we voluntarily will look Priyanka in this dress. That's the way we love this mix of Marchesa-Christian Louboutin. The white dress with feathers is the Cinderella dress we searched for all our life. The Tiffany Diamond Necklace is the perfect dose of celebrity, served with one side of the brushed lower hair and a sem-nude lip statement.

2. The turtle-neck gang


The relentless dressing took only a new poster child in Priyanka. Beige Nile Lotan Turtle Cardigan and Max Mara's coat is the color that fits with perfection. The red leather skirt cuts beige, like Nick Jonas's jaw, cuts the steel – like the clearest knife around.

3. Game play


If you are not planning to winter in an oversized coat like PeeCee, do not make the right honey. It may still be summertime to feel back home, but the New York version of Priyanka hits the chill in a layer of yellow-black myth. The 36-year-old kept the internal wear simple – a basic dark gray golden and blue Indian paillets. The basic silver neck and the deep red lips are the tiny details that come into a virtual look Priyanka.

4. Sequins and shine


The glossy ball disco makes a comeback and we dance to the melodies of Priyanka while we look. Strapless Sally LaPointe is a story written in silver tassels. The interesting part of the OOTD is the Alexander-Wang shoe pump-operated pumps that cost $ 595. Guess how much this is? The salary of a month and the self-esteem of one year.

5. Pull


When we saw Priyanka in this oversized jacket, we are sure of one thing – love comes in so many styles and this look is one of them. The depilated denims work so well with the yellow pumps, because this girl almost never sees six inches near the ground just like the rest of us. The 90 sunglasses are the cool factor that makes her outfit the personalization of IDGAF.

6. A pop design


Imagine a royal carpet somewhere in a Victorian mansion that was recycled in the most outrageous store – and you will get Priyanka to an Anna Sui number that carries a small black clutch to save her life from uninterrupted popcorn. Blue leather booties, few gold necklaces, and 90's nostalgia sunglasses are accessories of the Priyanka golden hour. Honestly, if you could find someone else who could pull that, we would like the iconographic proof because we do not believe in the fantastic.

7. Emerald baby


Getting out of New York's cool may be cool and everything, but how can you get Priyanka with her? Wearing an emerald green skirt with a concave fissured slit, the shirt is floral and clean to cover the bottom cover. Black coat is a tighter version of our rugs and the indication of long socks over its high boots is enough confirmation that winter can even reach our greatest personality. Better #relate ever.