Xu Jiren, director of the sports department of Xinhua News Agency: The media is promoting the sports industry

What do sports media people have to do, from my personal point of view, these three words: values.

As a media person, you must first promote a correct value and tell everyone what sports are. This value is always the most important thing. Our ancestors said that “the Tao is different and not the same.” If two people can’t talk together, they can’t go on. In fact, we have also talked a lot, more through the concept of big sports, sports is a lot of sports, and more talk about sports is an education and culture. The combination of education and culture was written in the Olympic Charter. It was written more than 100 years ago. More than 100 years ago, the philosophers realized that more and more people are talking about education. Mr. Sheng and Director Chen also talked about it. At that time, it is more and more felt that there is a problem with sports. The lack of culture behind it is not that his knowledge is not enough, but a tradition of sports and a tradition of cultural heritage. China is still too weak.

Xinhua News Agency Director Xu Jiren: The media is promoting sports Industry

We have written a manuscript. We also mentioned this manuscript at the Football Association meeting and the CCTV Forum last year. When a reporter surveyed abroad, it was a China. The businessman invested in an amateur club there, not a professional club. We said that when you come back to China to invest in football, he can’t say it. He mentioned a word – dignity. He said that it is dignified to engage in sports abroad. I will respect my life when I invest in sports. Everyone thinks that I am doing good things for the society. I am doing a public welfare undertaking, even if I I can’t make much money, but I have dignity. The feeling of dignity is very good, I may have 10 million, I may earn 20 million through other channels, but this 20 million is meaningless to me. Everyone knows that foreign countries, especially European football clubs, a club of tens of thousands of amateur clubs, most of them do not make money, why not make money, everyone is still investing in the club? It is because they think that playing football and sports is something I like. I am doing good things for the society. By investing in sports, my life is more fulfilling and more practical. This is their idea. In fact, this is a cultural issue.

Xinhua News Agency Director Xu Jiren: The media is promoting sports Industry

In addition, sports is a kind of life. In fact, we came to such a good place in the mangroves today. It turned out to be particularly good yesterday, dining, accommodation, entertainment, Shopping is combined, and the morning forum is watching the game in the afternoon. Although I sacrificed the time to reunite with my family, it is indeed the life we ​​want. I divide sports into five levels:

First, sports is an embellishment of life, and most people may still stay at this stage;

Second, sports is a life. Habits, maybe we are always ginger, we must practice fitness exercises, it is a little uncomfortable not to run for a week. We still mainly stay at this level. At this level, sports is a living habit.

Third, for society, sports must become a fashion. In terms of lifestyle, we are still a little bit worse. In fact, everyone knows that many people in American universities practice sports. From a utilitarian point of view, why do you want to practice sports in universities? Because sports special students can become the main force of a school team, from the perspective of utilitarianism, it can solve scholarships. The problem.

Fourth, sports is a philosophy of life, which is also mentioned in the Olympic Charter. Sports is a philosophy of life.

V. The highest realm, sports is a kind of belief, a belief in life, or a religion of life. It is particularly appropriate to talk about religion in our country, but in fact, sports really have different art from religion. “Football has nothing to do with life and death, football is higher than life and death.” From a religious perspective, we may not reach such a high level. Everyone in the Olympics will talk about Brazil. What is the biggest sport in Brazil? I tell you, it is volleyball. Some people may say that you are nonsense, not football, but volleyball is really the biggest sport in Brazil. Where is the football? Football is their religion. They don’t list football as sport. They list football as religion. After the death of the Brazilian football team, the dignity of sports, the warmth of sports, and the belief in sports are all inside. Everyone saw that a team has disappeared, and the opponent will raise this champion and don’t give it to them. Behind sports is not your life, everyone has dignity in it. There is no one in the stadium, no opponents, but so many people pay attention to the field, pay tribute to these victims, pay tribute to football, pay tribute to sports. I feel that sports really have a noble spirit, and there is a high level of emotion in it. This is what we media people have to do.

Xinhua News Agency Director Xu Jiren: The media is promoting sports Industry

Second, the sports media people have to do, in fact, in the sports industry to tell the truth, sports are boring, we all know. I received invitations from the forum almost every week, participated in various activities, and some prevented me from attending. I later discovered that these organizations were their day of death from the date of their establishment, and several people gathered together to form a sports. Alliance, the alliance died after the press conference. I later participated in a lot of things. I can’t think of any activities to participate in. I have to check out. Some press conferences lack a very real IP and lack real-life events. So I said that I want to come over this time and I want to follow Jiang always talks again. Kunlun is definitely a model. A good IP that has been recognized by everyone in the industry for two years, a very anticipated event, how did he come over, of course, I will not tell you the general business secrets of Jiang, but His philosophy and specific practices also hope that everyone will spread it out and give everyone more reference.