Zero Clock Shah Rukh Khan romance Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif on the trailer

"The main part of the saath hath na, the zindagi barabari ki katt-ti, who are the lowest? Humein toh jeeni thi …"

High in confidence, but low in height, Bauwa Singh, played by superstar Shah Rukh Khan, seems to be a little man full of curiosity. From what we can say after seeing the trailer by Anand L. Rai's Zero, Bauwa happens with a photo of Anushka Sharma (the name of her personality is unknown at this stage) and is love at first glance. As she decides to follow her, she soon realizes that she is disabled and a wheelchair is bound. After some relentless attempts to get her attention, it looks like Anushka. And as long as fate has, so their weaknesses prove their greatest gifts, as this creates a special connection. But as all people have the ability to disturb good things in the hope of finding something better, Bauwa also targets big – just from his supposed championship! His new chase? A film star to the girl, Katrina Kaif (unknown character name). The two bonds well and the sparks fly, but of course karma has its own ways. When things go south between the two, an aunched Anushka is seen again. Did Bauwa lose a diamond while he was busy chasing … well, we can not call the Katrina coal, obviously? We will have to wait, with breath for the release of the film …

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Zero is easily one of the most anticipated films of 2018. Shah Rukh, who chose today – his birthday, to release the trailer, shared it as a gift to all his fans. Get ready for a good dose of humor, some moments that have never seen VFX and many heart moments. The King of Bollywood is back and we are so to ride it.