Zhejiang Sports Foundation Sports Public Welfare Project is with you

In 2017, the Zhejiang Sports Foundation conducted a useful exploration in supporting the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Team to prepare for the Tianjin National Games, improving the training conditions for young athletes and the fitness facilities for the elderly.

According to the targeted donation agreement signed by the Foundation and Zhejiang Province enterprises, in 2017, a total of 5 provincial enterprises donated a total of 12 million yuan to the “1617·With you” project. The project mainly focuses on the country. For the province to glory, serve the overall development of competitive sports. In 2017, the third phase of the project funded 10.8 million yuan and the fourth phase of the funded fund of 1.8 million yuan. At the 31st Rio Olympic Games, the province’s athletes won 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. At the 13th National Games, Zhejiang Sports Delegation won 53 gold, 34 silver and 38 medals. Copper, the overall score ranked second in the gold medal list. On September 26, at the conclusion and commendation meeting held by the provincial party committee and the provincial government for the Zhejiang Sports Delegation of the 13th National Games, Sun Guangming, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, expressed his gratitude to the provincial donation enterprises at the commendation meeting.

The pooled fund projects, which accounted for 6% of the total project donations, also operated simultaneously. 2017 is mainly used for the Spring Festival condolences for athletes, coaches and medical staff, subsidizing the purchase of sportswear, hiring medical experts and masseurs, medical insurance subsidies and other projects, the amount of funding is 1.154 million yuan.

The “Celebration Cradle and Walk with You” project is a joint project of the Foundation to receive the guidance of the Youth Sports Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and the “National Sports Training and Care Program” of the All-China Sports Foundation. In 2017, the project was implemented in the fifth phase. After the recommendation of the municipal sports bureaus, the project team approved and approved 21 schools to meet the project funding requirements, and subsidized one set of “physical training rooms” for the above-mentioned schools, totaling 1,143,300 yuan. In December, the Physical Fitness Training Room Training Course (Zhejiang Station), hosted by the All-China Sports Foundation and sponsored by the Zhejiang Sports Foundation, was held at Ningbo Sports School in Zhejiang Province to help funded schools through expert lectures and on-site equipment demonstrations. Relevant personnel have improved their business level and received good results.

In 2017, “Unexpected Mutual Aid and Walk with You” project, the Foundation continued to purchase accidental injury insurance for long-term training athletes and subsidized the outstanding athletes of Zhejiang Province to participate in the Disabled Mutual Insurance provided by the All-China Sports Foundation. Nearly 350,000 yuan.

The project “Zhema Road Runs with You” has raised funds of RMB 106,600 through the online platform. The “Same World Football with You” project has funded 900 “never wear-and-wear football” schools in Zhejiang Province this year. The “2017 Hangzhou·City Music Run” supported by the Foundation started smoothly. The event introduced 100 medical volunteers to actively participate in the music run to protect the participants.

In addition, the Foundation stands for the integrity of the standard, and the social organization evaluation level is 5A; it is recognized as a charitable organization; At the same time, the Foundation Center Network Transparency Index FT1 reached a perfect score; it promoted the establishment of a sports foundation for the second-level administrative divisions of cities and counties in the province; successfully held the sixth and seventh council meetings and established the board of supervisors. (Transferred from the “China Sports Daily” 05 version on July 16)